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A World Bike Tour - Forever
A short article about Heinz Stucke, who has spent four decades on the road, non-stop, visiting every country on the planet.

Betzgi's Cycle Tours
Tours through South America, Mexico and the Himalaya. Contains news items, related links, pictures, and itineraries.

Discusses bike touring independently versus as part of an organized group. Includes information on packing, as well as the author's Vietnam and Turkey rides, and an article about the time he was jailed as a spy.

Bicycle Tours of Thomas Driemeyer
Bicycle tour reports in France, Italy, USA, Germany, and elsewhere. Also lists Velophil tours in and near Berlin, and contains links to other servers.

Bicycle travels in Fjord Norway
Journals and photographs of eleven bicycle tours plus hiking on nine mountain peaks.

Bike It Solo
Emmanuel Gentinetta cycles the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina. Reports, photographs, and maps.

Bike Tracks Around the World
A living creation of Kristal and Larry's trip around the world in the year 2000.

Bike Trip 2001 (Prague - New Delhi)
Bicycle trip starting in Prague, Czech Republic and finishing in New Delhi, India. The trip is going through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Chain Reaction
Bringing people together through art. Tour Reports from Mexico and New Mexico.

Charity cycle ride from Raid Pyrenean Hendaye to Cerbere
Mark Thistlewood and Simon Chiswell: Report of the independent ride of the Raid Pyrenean Randonneur from Hendaye on the Atlantic border with Spain to Cèrbere on the Mediterranean.

Charles River Wheelmen: Tours
Bicycle tour reports, itineraries, pictures, and stories of trips. Including Europe, Bhutan, Thailand, Jamaica, Central and North America.

Chuck Anderson's Cycle Tourist Home Page
A personal homepage with some good bicycle travel stories from Austria, Italy, Ireland and the USA.

Corax Around the World by Bicycle
Cycling in over 50 countries, off beat places like Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tibet, Colombia, Bermuda, Belize, Bosnia and Laos.

Crazy Guy On A Bike
A free, non-commercial site that allows bicycle tourists to create and edit their own online tour journal, complete with photos and a guestbook. Site also includes community message boards, and a links page.

Cycle Logic
Cycle touring photos from Sardinia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the US.

Cycling with the Blayleys
John and Pamela devote a lot of time to cycling. Cycling is a source of transportation, recreation and vacation. On this site, you'll find stories and pictures from various cycling trips, and tips for various activities, gleaned from experience.

David and Lisa - Odyssey 2000
David and Lisa's trip around the world on a tandem bicycle.

Desert cycling around the world
Solo on dirt tracks in the Sahara, crossing the Andes and exploring the Altiplano and ending almost tragic on the KKH in Pakistan. [English and Deutsch content.]

Fred and Andrew's Trip Around the World
The chronicles of the BikeBrats adventures in 45 countries during their two-year trip around the world.

Globe-trotters on Bicycle
Cycling around the world in 40 months.

Heinz Stücke Around the World by Bicycle
His mission in life to seek out new places to travel to on his trusty three-speed bike that he has used since the 1960's.

Hugh Currin's Personal Page
These tours are self supported camping trips in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Iris en Tore op reis
Photographs, stories, maps and information about remarkable areas for the adventurous cyclist, gathered in a 2-year tour through South-America and during trips in Ghana, Canada, Tunisia and Sri-Lanka.

Karl Brodowsky Collection of Tours
Collection of links to travelogues of bicycle tours from around the world, in English and German.

Long Biketrips
Reports from a tour across Canada, around the Baltic and Nordkapp to Gibraltar.

Mike's bicycle touring stories
Bicycle travelogues in Europe, Mexico and the US.

Minko's Touring Accounts
Reports from a number of tours, some by recumbent, within many countries in Europe and also North America.

Mountain Biking in China, the USA and Cuba
Mountain Biking adventures atop the Great Wall of China, to the highest natural point in each of the 50 United States, and across Cuba.

Mountainbike Expedition Team
Waltraud Schulze and Andy Heßberg's bike touring, extreme expeditions worldwide: Greenland, Patagonia, Mongolia, Lappland, Naimibia, Siberia.

Odyssey 2000 Riders and Riders in Spirit
Visiting 45 countries on 6 continents logging 20,000 miles in the year 2000.

On the Road to Nowhere
Glenn and Sheila's tour reports from Japan, Central America, Europe and Africa.

Paul Prescott's World Bike Tour
Follow Paul, travelling from Dubai to Australia/New Zealand, via Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Pushkar Shah
The epic travel diary of Pushkar Shah who, on 28 November 28 1998, set out on a 11 year long journey to fulfill his dream of riding 390,000-kilometers around the world on his bicycle to spread the message of peace and hope.

Reflections of a Globe Trotting Pensioner
Describes the tour made by a local pensioner cycling 17,000 miles in aid of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Richard Gregg's Worldcycle
The world of Richard Gregg ICBM (Inter-Continental Bicycle Man), a man aboard his bicycle on a ten-to-twelve year, extremely-low-level orbit.

Roughstuffs' World Cycling Guide
Bicycle around the world with Roughstuff, the 2 wheeled bard of cyberspace.

Sandy and Carl's HomePage
Carl and Sandy Penwarden are cyclists who have toured New Zealand and Europe on a Tandem Bicycle. Offers information and pictures from the cycle tours as well as other personal and family information.

Tandem Adventures
Reports of tandem based rides covering long(ish) distances around the world.
Bicycle travel descriptions, including insight and tips. Countries visited include China, Thailand, Cuba, Malaysia, Ecuador.

Tobias Fischnaller
Outdoor homepage with Infos from expeditions with bike and ski around the world. Includes cycle tours in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Travel to the Horizon
Travel to the Horizon aims to be a complete and up to date starting point on the web for resources on bicycle travel.

Trond Basso
In the process of cycling from Norway to Australia.