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Helps maintain standards in mediumship, offering an accreditation service. Provides news on the industry.

Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia
Detailing member churches around Australia along with articles about Spiritualism, mediums and healing.

Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists
UK charity offering training and insurance for healers and mediums.

Canberra Spiritualist Association
Located in Australia. Offers courses and information about the services performed by their members. Offers articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

Complementary Healing Association
UK charity offering training and accreditation for healers, therapists and mediums.

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association
A Christian branch of Spiritualism in the United Kingdom offering a list of their churches and a bookshop.

Institute of Spiritualist Mediums
UK based organisation dedicated to the promotion, teaching and development of spirit communication.

International Church and Healing Fellowship
The ICHF is a UK group of spiritual healers and ministers who teach and promote spiritual healing.

International Spiritualist Alliance
Based in British Columbia, the ISA offers Sunday services, spiritual healing, education, and counselling.

International Spiritualist Federation
Promotes the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism through events, education and communication, worldwide.

Maine Spiritualist Association of Churches
Resources in Maine for Spiritualism with a directory of churches.

Morris Pratt Institute
Milwaukee based Spiritualist organization founded by Morris Pratt in 1889.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches
USA organization, its teachings and activities, websites. Covers all topics in Spiritualism, and mediumship spirit, psychic, healing, natural Laws.

SNU South Western District Council
Provides regional news of church events, healing, philosophy and contact details.

SNU's East Midlands District Council
UK based. Aims to further the Spiritualists' National Union's objectives within the area. Offers workshops and lists the executive committee, ministers and churches in the area.

Spiritual Workers Association
Details the aims, legal aspects and values of the SWA.

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
Established in 1872, the SAGB provides demonstrations of clairvoyance, Spiritualist healing, mediumship development and training workshops.

Spiritualist Church of New Zealand
The SCNZ offer a list of their churches and information about Spiritualism.

United Spiritualists
Details principles of Spiritualism, affiliated churches, courses and healers.