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America East Publishers, Inc.
Channeled messages by brothers from the higher realms of creation. Includes sample messages.

Ark Bookstore
Featuring shopping and events for this Santa Fe, New Mexico bookstore.

AskWhy Publications
Books from a historical perspective, regarding religious mythology and scientific speculation, featuring historical sources on Christian and Jewish origins. Contains quotes, articles and notes.

Barbara Rose, PhD
Messages received directly from God, for personal power and spiritual awakening.

Barry Long Books
Catalogue of books and audio tapes on meditation, self-knowledge and the spiritual nature of man and the universe, with extracts and reviews.

Body and Soul Center for Well-Being
A New age bookstore which also carries many metaphysical sidelines and hosts a holistic healing center.

Cosmic Ordering
Guides to manifesting the best in life.

Desthein Teachings
E-books about realizing who we are as absolute consciousness, the non-existence of time, and destiny.

Dianne Robbins
Unveiling the mysteries of the hollow earth, underground cities, and messages from Lemuria, whales, and dolphins.

Discount New Age Books
Wide range of discounted books covering metaphysical, spiritual, and alternative health topics.

Divine Revelation
Devoted to spirituality, meditation and yoga, and chakra healing. Also offers workshops and spirit art prints.

East and West Online Bookshop
New age bookshop based in Mountain View, California, serving the West Coast.

Metaphysical book and CD store in Australia.

Ian Lawton
A variety of spiritual topics including NDE's and past life regression, lost human civilizations, and alternate views about ancient cultures.

JJ Dewey
A complete archive of all of the teachings, articles, and essays of the author.

Make it Heaven
Books, articles, and a newsletter to promote consciousness, personal growth, self-mastery, and practical spirituality.

Maverick Books International
Controversial themes published as interesting novels or plays.

Metaphysical Concepts
Rare, used and new books on a variety of metaphysical and new age topics.

Michael Sharp
Guides to ascension, chakra clearing, kundalini activation, and creation. Includes online readings, poetry, and discussion boards.

Mystic Way
New age e-books for women plus free downloadable mystic marriage ceremony and weekly columns on women's issues.

New Age and Psychic Books by Richard Webster
Best-selling author of over 60 books.

O. M. Kelly
Utilizing dreams and totems to live a more fulfilling life.

One Spirit Resources for the Spirit, Mind and Body
Book club offering titles, products and other resources specifically targeted to spiritual development and holistic health.

Origin Press
Publishes books on practical spirituality, global religion, philosophy, visionary fiction, and related subjects.

Path Of The Mother
Reveals the divine feminine through books, excerpts, on-line spiritual practices, and workshops.

Personal Transformation
Website of the publisher of Lotus and Personal Transformation magazines as well as the book, Soulful Living. Back issues of these magazines and the book can be ordered.

Point of Life
Inspirational speaker Michael Levy offers titles to guide the spirit in a more joyful way of life. Also offers newsletters and articles.

Radical Consciousness
Books and writings by M. F. Taylor dealing with enlightenment from several perspectives: Buddhism, Taoism, Transcendence, and others.

Raissa Research and Publishing
Wide variety of free e-books on metaphysical topics. Also offers e-publishing services.

Spiritual, Metaphysical & Healing Books
This selection of metaphysical, healing, new age, and spiritual books will shift your reality for the better.

Terra Mir Bookstore
Emphasis is on New Age books that promote the positive future of this planet and all of its inhabitants.