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4D Shift
Essential oils designed for specific metaphysical purposes, and flower of life jewelry based on the Order of Melchizedek teachings.

Alight Products
Books, CDs, DVDs, and other inspirational items.

Animal Totem
A gift shop for animal lovers, specializing in wild North American animals.

Aquarian Dreams
Holistic books, natural fiber clothing, meditation music, and relaxation aids.

Beyond The Rainbow
Store with information about crystals, flower essences and aromatherapy.

Blue Star Network
Spiritual, metaphysical and healing books, music, gemstone jewelry, sacred geometry and blessing sprays.

Chakra Superstore
Products to activate and balance the energy centers including light therapy, pyramids, aromatherapy, books, and body care products.

Crystal Ball Inc.
Offers new age crystal jewelry, crystal balls, buddahs and feng shui items.

DNA Alchemy
Sacred jewelry, intuitive art, and lemurian seed crystals.

Discovery Path
Offers gifts based on Native American animal totem energies, lessons and healing through unique, handmade artwork.

Earthly Gems
A wide variety of metaphysical supplies from the United Kingdom, specializing in crystals and jewelry.

Insight Out
Metaphysical shop for reiki, yoga, feng shui and meditation. Products range from books to spiritual art.

Lightchamber Mystical Shoppe
Offers a wide variety of metaphysical and mystical products and services. Also includes schedule of related workshops and events.

Secure shop for crystals, jewellery, feng shui, candles, and crystal balls. Free UK delivery.

Ma's India
Incense, meditation and yoga tools, religious statues, books, and world music.

Mirabai of Woodstock
A resource for conscious living. Holding regular workshops and classes, and publishing articles of information and enlightenment. Includes shop with Buddha-statues, drums and tankas.

Mistica Luna
Offers metaphysical supplies to all traditions including, Wiccan, witchcraft, and pagan.

Mystic Goddess
Metaphysical shop in Florida offering a wide variety of products, supplies, and workshops.

Mystic Unicorn
Offers incense, aromatherapy, essential oils, magick candles, herbs, new age books, jewelry, crystals, and dragon and unicorn themed gifts.

Natures Energies Health Products
Products include essential oils, oracle cards, rune stones, and books and DVDs about meditation and Qi Gong.

New Age Evolution
Offers crystals and crystal jewelry, power beads, and incense. Includes information on crystal properties and cleaning.

Peaceful Paths
A metaphysical store dedicated to sharing spiritual paths and products.

Psyche's Garden
Crystals and gemstones, books, jewelry, divination tools, and statuary. Also offers aromatherapy and incense.

Pyramid Collection
Thought-provoking, body/mind/spirit-enhancing gifts. The website offers close out merchandise from the mail order catalog.

Quantum Alchemy
Quality service, products and information to aid you in your spiritual quest for knowledge, health and enlightenment.

Ravens Nest
Offers metaphysical items including books, incense, and clothing.

Rising Moon
Extensive store with metaphysical, spiritual and Wicca items.

TTMS, Inc.
Sells new age products, transformational tools and personal development services. Features gift shop, newsletter archive, overiew of company and staff.

Terra Christa
Crystals, reiki goods and Native American items. Also offers information about reiki classes held in Vienna, VA.

The Crystal Garden
Medication products, skin care and aromatherapy, and jewelry. Also offering classes and workshops in Florida.

The Pathway To Spiritual Fulfillment
Products and services to help you find inner peace and quiet.

The Quantum Awakening
Books and products for lightworkers, DNA activation, and personal ascension.

The Seventh Fire
Spiral dreamcatchers, meditation art, and gardening kits.

The Soul's Delight
Gifts, books, tapes, and videos for meditation and lifestyle choices for spiritual seekers.

Ventana Window of Heaven Online Catalog
Special gifts and products that touch the heart and spirit.

Visions of Heaven-Heavenly Store
Products for spiritual growth and enlightenment included guided imagery and angel meditations, spiritual and metaphysical books, and reviews.

Wilde Ones
Offering crystals, clothing, incense, and art from around the world.