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Fee based meditation courses, personal tuition sessions, and introductory workshops in the UK.

Academy of Metaphysics
Two year diploma courses by home study or on campus on South Africa. Includes class descriptions and free samples.

American Institute of Holistic Theology
Degree programs offered through distance learning in a variety of holistic, metaphysical and alternative health curriculums.

Arche International
Classes, seminars, and workshops to help raise the quality of life through self-awareness, includes current class topics and schedule. Located in Oak Park, Illinois.

Avillion of Universal Insight
A non-profit, educational organization serving nature, humanity and spirituality through art therapy, meditations, and workshops.

Blue Wing Workshops
Workshops and lectures in self discovery, personal insight, positive life change, self empowerment, and spiritual development. Features current schedule and lecture topics. Located in Arizona.

Learning center based on the Isle of Man, offering retreats, workshops and conferences covering a variety of spiritual development and self-help topics.

Center for Self Transformation
Teaching the Passion of Life Breathwork to activate the body, mind, spirit, and soul connection process. Classes available throughout Texas.

Cosmic Heart Spiral of Love
Workshops for breathing, meditation, kundalini awakening, and ascension.

Coyote Oaks
Located in central Kansas, offering workshops and retreats promoting personal growth, transpersonal development, holistic health, new science, and spiritual enrichment.

Darwin's Spiritual Evolution
Classes and books on spiritual advancement including subtle energy, deepening love, distance reiki, and energy blessings. Located in Soquel, California.

Offering seminars in the United States and Europe on common sense living listing current and past itineraries, European coordinators, directions, hotel accommodations, and how to purchase audio tapes.

Essence Training Institute
Holding a vision of a united and connected world that will come by changing ourselves, teaching classes designed to help balance the chakra energies. Classes are held in Germany and around the world.

Eyes of Learning
Metaphysical teaching and learning center offering workshops and lectures to educate and enlighten on the path to spiritual development. Located in Hicksville, New York.

God's Center of True Love
Offering courses in guidance to inner peace and changing perceptions of life.

Holistic Partnerships
Core Energy Management courses and seminars with a holistic approach, teaching life and people skills, and how to enhance personal effectiveness.

Humanity's Team
A center for leadership events and workshops intended to create the possibility for a new spirituality to emerge on the earth.

Infinite Light Healing Studies Center
Promoting the development of wellness and consciousness through classes, self-study courses, retreats, workshops, books and CDs, meditations, and products. Located in Hartsel, Colorado.

Inner Light
Workshops and training in transformational experiences such as reiki, regression therapy, and meditation, also includes related artwork, news, books and insights. Located in Hemel Hempstead, England.

Inspiration House
Workshops, classes and retreats in the Metrowest Boston area to assist in spiritual development, growth, and learning the old paths.

International Association of Past Life Therapists
Dr. Carole Carbone provides classes to prepare students for careers in past life therapy, hypnotherapy or holistic studies as well as self-help courses. Features course details and FAQ.

John de Ruiter
Teaches in regular meetings in Edmonton, Alberta, and lectures around the world.

Journey To The Heart
Personal development workshops and seminars in akashic records, sacred geometry, reiki healing, dowsing, breathwork, and contemporary shamanism.

Khu Egyptian Mystery School
A program of distance energy initiations and written lessons, centering around the union of the personality and the soul.

Last Tribes Sanctuary
Teaches meditation, martial arts, chant, Yoga, healthy living, and radiant energy healing techniques. Includes a daily prophecy, information on classes and retreats. Port Orchard, Washington.

Life Consulting Academy
Offers courses in basic shamanism, animal totems, herbs, medicine wheels, and sacred ceremonies. Also advice and counseling.

London College of Spirituality
A foundation of exploration pioneering the eternal frontier of consciousness, a gateway for new thought bridging spirituality, psychology, philosophy, politics, and holism. Courses, workshops, lectures, and distance learning.

Mesa Creative Arts
Empowering spiritual growth and enlightenment through classes in arts, spiritual development, and holistic healing. Located in Pittsburgh, PA.

College of metaphysical studies offering personal and spiritual development through online courses.

Nine rites of initiation which heal us and transform the human energy field into that of homo luminous, a transcended light being.

Pathways Institute
Exploration of human consciousness leading to inner wisdom, and personal, professional, and spiritual development through workshops, training, retreats, and tribal celebrations.

Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy
Non-denominational classes, workshops, retreats, degree programs, and distance learning of practical spirituality and learning the lessons of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Peak Potentials
Based in Canada, inspiring people to live in the higher self by offering camps and courses, seminars, products, bulletin board, radio show, schedule, and employment opportunities.

Petrene Soames
Specializes in healing, self awareness, and multi-dimensional reality. Offers personal and group sessions and retreats, as well as healing clearing and balancing and rebirthing training courses, and lectures. Includes biography, events calendar and articles.

Sedona Creative Life Center
Provides spiritual growth workshops and seminars, includes details of upcoming programs, calendar of events, and information on the available facilities, and surrounding area.

Self Healing
Workshops and spiritual retreats in auras, meditation, concentration, and self healing. Also offers information in bioresonance and Kirlian methods.

Soul Resources
Intuitive learning games combining meditation, visualization and relaxation with the power of words and symbols.

South Reen Farm
Retreat center in Ireland offering workshops for personal development and healing through guided meditations, practicing presence, and Qigong, includes facility description, accommodations, and current schedule.

Spirit Horse Foundation
Spiritual workshops, retreats, and one year courses to rebuild sacred community and assist in rites of passage. Located in Wales.

Spiritual Endeavors
Workshops, retreats, seminars and products exploring the nature of self and encouraging the growth of spiritual, holistic, and environmental awareness.

Spiritual Unfoldment Network
Spiritual attunement classes via telephone, instant messaging, email, and in person. Includes available classes and schedules, book store, and free spiritual growth articles.

Stuart Perrin
Offering spiritual training, meditation intensives, and workshops on surrendering. Includes event schedule, worldwide centers, and a newsletter.

Courses and certifications teaching a path to self-empowerment, tapping the eternal life force from within to restore and maintain the matrixes of life and rejuvenation.

The Beehive
The school offers a path of natural growth and awareness. Contains details on certificate training, workshops and professional development classes. Dublin, Ireland.

The Bliss-Parsons Institute of Metaphysics
Offering degree programs for those seeking a higher awareness. Also offers a journal and paranormal ivestigations.

The Center for Religion and Advanced Spiritual Studies
A nonprofit foundation teaching how to use meditations, light, and sound to achieve personal transcendence throughout North America. Includes class descriptions and schedules, retreats, and publications.

The Quartus Foundation
Probing the mysteries of ageless wisdom and integrating those truths with spiritual metaphysics. Includes workshop schedules, fee-based newsletter, and meditations.

The School of Mindful Living
Dedicated to the exploration and practice of present-moment awareness, kindness, and whole-hearted living through mindfulness and meditation. Includes class schedule, biography, and tuitions.

The Shift
Home study course which teaches how to shift the perception of grace, and its fundamental purpose in life to bring change.

The Soul Journey
Offering e-books and email programs for understanding and exploring consciousness. Also offers free newsletter.

The Whisper Zone
Teaching inner peace and meaning for life by listening to the soul. Also offers free e-courses.

Offering courses, counseling, wilderness journeys, and astrology.

University Of Metaphysical Sciences
Degrees in metaphysics and counseling, through distance learning.

Violet Earth Academy
Ascension classes and workshops including DNA activations, life coaching, alchemy, clearings, and readings. Features session schedules and healing meditations.

Vision of a New Culture
Communal learning center and retreats offering teachings to restore unity with the self and nature, the psyche, and fellow human beings, while surrendering to the Ultimate.

Devoted to learning all that is possible about the universe, investigation and discussion includes the physical and spiritual environment.