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Oswald the Runemaker
Historical and modern runes, runemaking, and artistic interpretations and products. Includes photographs and descriptions of rune monuments, notes on meanings, newsletter, and shopping.

Readings by Verda
Professional readings via email. Includes pricing, samples, and brief history of runes.

Rune-Study Networking Guild. International network for students of the Runes. Online resources for members.

Runes WebRing
Links together sites which provide information about, and perceptions of the Futhark.

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
Source of Rune information and Norse reference books. Categories including meanings, pronunciation, layouts, and section on making your own runes.

Information of the futharks, history, and divination techniques.

The Viking Runes
A description of the Nordic Runes and their meanings.

Yahoo! Groups: Runes-Divination
Mailing list for discussion of history, technique, and interpretations.