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Gematria and Theomatics
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123 Numerology
Readings, tutorial and lucky numbers analysis.

20/20 Insight
A guide to your inner self through numbers. Free monthly and weekly readings.

Accurate Numerology Talk
Discussions, classes, books, audio course and free software with 'Do Your Own Reading' section.

Affinity Numerology
Free readings, with the option to incorporate readings into your own website. provides a complete primer for novice students of numerology.

Offers personality profiles using numerology. Contains details of free and pay services.

Decoz Numerology
Offering readings, free and commercial software, tutorials, books, audio course and articles.

Ellin Dodge
Readings, information and books by numerologist Ellin Dodge.

Forever Numerology
Information on a book by Lynn Buess.

Friends or Lovers Numerology
Free comparison charts. Email results to yourself.

Kabbala Siewert
Numbers of life calculated and explained online, using a method attributed to the ancient Hebrews.

Numerology Online
Daily personal information and advice for members only.

Numerology Reports
Numerology profiles may be purchased.

Online course provides an introduction to the basic principles of numerology.
Information about courses, association membership and books by the Connaissance School of Numerology and the Association Internationale de Numerologues. Also contains articles and links.

Instant name analysis, including common and family names.

StormShadow's Numerology
In-depth look at the use of the Chaldean and Pythagorean systems.

Sunshine News Numerology
Free online Numerology Readings by Angelia Mansfield.

What's Your Number?
Monthly numerology column by Rob Ragozzine.

Wizard Numerology
Offer personally prepared Numerology profiles in a number of formats.