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3H Dowsing International LLC
Classes, books, and tools available for purchase.

Alicja Centre of Well-Being
Online store offering pendulums, pyramids and other dowsing implements. Includes news and product details.

American Society of Dowsers
Organization information and bookstore catalog.

American Society of Dowsers, New Hampshire
Organization information and bookstore catalog

Canadian Dowsing Organizations
Entry point to organizations and local meetings - learn how to Dowse, and its many uses.

Canadian Society of Dowsers
Instructions on how to dowse, articles by well-known international dowsers, Canadian resources for tools, books, upcoming events, and annual convention information.

Canadian Society of Questers
CSQ members practice dowsing to contact the energies within.

Digital Dowsers (eGroups)
The International Society of Dowsers and Research Association. All dowsing discussion and research welcome.

Digital Dowsing
Methods and tips on different tools and ways of dowsing and other links.

Divining Mind
Offers pendulums made in a variety of materials for sale as well as links to related resources.
Offering dowsing services, dowsing accessories and dowsing training in Canada.

Dowsers (eGroups)
For discussion of dowsing and related topics.
Joey Korn's site is dedicated to helping you to grow in your spirituality through deep relaxation, meditation. Dowsing combined with prayer, and the teachings of Walter Russell.

Information about dowsing from mystical world wide web.

Flowing Dragons Pendulum Dowsing
Dowsing information page, page of frequently asked questions, and professional fee schedule.

Leylines and Dowsing
Articles on history an use of leylines and dowsing. [Dutch and English]

Millennium Products for Personal Power, Inc.
Pendulums for purchase along with short articles on their history and uses.

Nature Sprite Divining Rods
Products, information, and links.

Neil F. Anderson - Dowsing and Labyrinths
Professional dowser and labyrinth constructor who offers individual consultations and group workshops to aid in the clearing of energies.

The Geo Group
Finding places of power: dowsing earth energies. Dowsing is the intuitional practice or technique for locating these earth energies.

The Holistic Intuition Society
Dowsing is 'IT' - 'Intuition Technology' Learn how to access your Intuition 'On Demand' to get help from the "Force for Good" to improve health, give guidance in your life, and help others.

Treasure Maps to the World
Using dowsing techniques to mark maps showing locations of treasures, currency, missing persons, and human remains.

dowsing (a.k.a. water witching)
Entry in The Skeptic's Dictionary