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After Death Communication Research Foundation
A collection of information and resources also featuring information on bereavement and life after death. Experiences and forum.

After-Death Communication
Information and resources including bereavement support for those who have lost a loved one.

Association TransCommunication
Offers examples, techniques and explanations related to Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).

Calling Home
Documented conversations between a woman and her spirit team. Includes EVP recordings, articles about skeptics, the astral plane and the history of ITC research.

Channeling Erik
Written by the mother of a suicide victim. Also consists of material said to be from her deceased son. Profile of the mother, her son's story, links, blog and press mentions.

Christine Duminiak
Information about her books and bereavement programs.

Blog featuring the author's EVP and DRV (Direct Radio Voice) recordings. News from the field and a guest book.

Dazed: Electronic Voice Phenomena
Article presenting a brief recent history of EVP.
Services include resolving haunting issues and putting the bereaved in contact with their departed loved ones using a ghost box. Explains different types of haunting and the difference between ghosts and spirits. Contact form, photograph gallery and EVP archive.

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Explains what it is, how it's recorded and a brief history.
A blog run by a bereaved woman posting submissions from other people writing about their contact with a loved one. Includes articles on grief and stress, coping tools and inspirational pieces, such as poetry.

ITC Journal
Paper and electronic versions of the current or back issues on the subject of instrumental transcommunication. Offers a brief extract of articles and an example of voices heard using this method.

ITC Seattle Group
Also written in Portuguese. Includes audio clips of answers given by their spirit contact, images captured on television of people, links and a contact form.

ITC Voices
Focuses on ghost box and other methods of talking to those on the other side. Articles and schematics, video and audio clips and quotes.

Mirror: Is There Life After Death?
An article sharing the tales of peoples' encounters with deceased friends and loved ones.

New World Science
Specialising in the study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). News, events, methods, recordings and advice. Woman Finds 'Bridge to the Afterlife' With EVP
An article about a woman's introduction to electronic voice phenomenon after the death of her son, and the progression to joining a group called 'Bridge to the Afterlife', who record regularly. After-Death Communication Brings Solace to Many
Article interviewing grief workers, priests and ADC recipients who agree that the phenomenon aids grief.

Tim Woolworth
Personal page of a ghost box ITC researcher offering EVP sessions. Biography, resume and brief information about the devices.

World ITC
Information and articles concerning Instrumental TransCommunication - the use of technology to contact the deceased. Examples of visual and audio contacts.

iDigital Medium
Focuses on communication with the other side using audio and visual Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). Articles, newsletters, videos, links and live sound streams.