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Free Will and Determinism
Space and Time
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Big Bang Philosophy
Exploring the consequences of a finite universe.

Book I of Hegel's Science of Logic - Being
Hegel's Science of Logic, linked to commentary by Lenin. The Doctrine of Being (Quality - Quantity - Measure).

Hong Kong Baptist University: Kant's Theocentric Metaphysics
Essay by Prof. Stephen Palmquist answering the question, "Was Kant the destroyer of Metaphysics?"

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Mereology
The relations of part to whole and of part to part within a whole; by Achille Varzi.

The Metaphysics Research Lab
Developers of the axiomatic theory of abstract objects and relations.

Wikipedia: Metaphysics
A collaboratively edited article explaining several central metaphysical problems: the problem of objecthood, the problem of universals, and the mind-body problem.