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Byzant Spirit Chatroom
Inside you will find an on-line version of a Spirit Board (channeling board).

Dan Zen
Online channeling board. Uses Shockwave plugin.

O Board
A virtual online spirit/talking board that records text without the user needing to click each character. Capable of generating a printable version if preferred. Requires JavaScript.

Shop of Little Horrors
Online version of a witch board.

Spirit Board Game
Online interactive Spirit Board (Ouija). Different personalities can be chosen, or users can provide their own control.

The Groovy Board
Offers a choice of four point and click games.

Virtual Ouija Board
This online board was developed as an example of the type of animation that can be created through the use of Bézier curves in Director. Requires Shockwave plugin.

World Wide Web Ouija
Let the World Wide Web Ouija answer your questions about life.

World Wide Web Talking Board
An interactive talking board.