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Abnormal Realm
Blog covering topics such as UFOs and ghosts. Categories also include podcasts and a glossary.

Andrew May
Fiction and nonfiction speculations on the weirder fringes of science and culture - chaos theory, UFOs, the paranormal and antigravity, Forteana, postmodernism and the New Age.

The author's observations about subjects such as hauntings and Bigfoot. Categories including unexplained mysteries and spooks.

Book of the Unnaturals
A guide to tales of the paranormal.

Consciousness Shift Resources
Certified addiction treatment specialist offers stories and articles on exploring the mystery of the ages.

Offers a new way of looking at the UFO phenomenon, as well as topics such as meditation, Qigong, Gung fu, dreams, and reincarnation.

Contains information on various topics including prophecy, UFOs and lost civilizations.

Demon Tales
Blog with bizarre news, strange creatures, ghost videos, supernatural tales, paranormal videos, UFOs, cryptozoology and other oddities.

Dreams of the Great Earth Changes
Articles on topics including 11:11, crop circles and annual predictions.

Ellis Taylor
Features articles and news on paranormal topics, as well as photos, alternative investigations and books by the author.

Exploring The Paranormal
Articles on subjects such as Big foot, ghosts and television.

Extraordinary Intelligence
Explores all things mysterious and unknown, with a special emphasis on conspiracy and paranormal events.
Dedicated to the discovery of the graph of OneEye (1i) and the mathematical phenomenon that is "Phi".

Goblins Nest
First hand experiences and personal thoughts about a variety of paranormal events from ghosts to EVP to UFOs.

Grassy Knoll Institute
Humorous look at various paranormal theories.

Jinn Information
Jinn materialize as many creatures: UFO, monster, elementals, demons, Ascended Master, apparition, doppelganger and angel. They are masters of astral and etheric alchemy and create religion and mythology.

Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers
Offers an e-book and newsletter.

Contains information relating to various metaphysical topics including reincarnation, soul mates and near death experiences.

Los Angeles Paranormal
Includes articles, photograph and audio evidence.

Man and the Unknown
Offers a look into the paranormal including videos and articles on topics such as EVP, New Age origins and Javanese mystical movements.

Miroslaw Magola
The Magnetman presents videoclips of his magnetic abilities.

Neil Cooper Spirit Speaks
Topics covered include astral projection, lucid dreams, psychic, mediumship, meditation, spirit guides, and the afterlife.

Paranormal Encounters
Articles on subjects such as hauntings, UFOs and cryptozoology.
Written by a man claiming to have been under attack by negative entities. Includes his story and advice.

Blog written by Robert McLuhan, a journalist and author. Entries cover topics such as psychic research, sceptics and survival after death.

Phenomene Art
A technique that uses the cycles of the planets and stars to create a profound and meaningful alignment with the forces of one's life.

Psi Knowledge
Paranormal and psychic related definitions.

Q. Dean Sloan
Thoughts from an Australian author. Includes news and links.

Spirit Horizons
Blog detailing the author's thoughts on matters such as aliens, science and the afterlife.

Strange Nation
Australia-focused but includes links to 'overseas' news. Other topics covered include UFOs, ghosts and odd animals.

The APE Gallery: The Art of Paranormal Experience.
A visionary folk art gallery featuring the sketches produced by witnesses to supernatural entities, demons, aliens and ghosts.

The Dark Clouds
Paranormal and strange happenings from the UK Midlands.

The Supernatural Zone
Dedicated to the study of the supernatural and the paranormal.

The University of Life
All aspects of the paranormal.

Written by a couple who use ITC to talk to spirits. Sections on documentaries, ITC techniques and mediumship.

Transcommunication Video
Information on a recording technique used to research paranormal images and voices.

Aliens, UFOs, ghost stories, visions near death, and a webring.

Wicked Melody's Tavern
Paranormal blog covering novels, Japanese anime, TV shows and urban legends.