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Administrative Officers Management Program (NC)
AOMP is an unique educational experience. It offers participants the opportunity to earn fifteen college credits in a rigorous twelve week program. AOMP has graduated over 900 officers representing 121 law enforcement agencies.

Arrestling DT Training Groups (WA)
Arrestling DT Training Groups:Founder Deputy Don Gulla Started the group at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center. Washington State now has 4 Arrestling Defensive Tactics Training Groups across the state.

Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy
Located in Salem, VA. A regional criminal justice training center under the direction of Richard L. Schumaker.

Carolinas Institute for Community Policing
Training for Police, Sherrifs, Criminal Justice Agencies, and the Community

Community Policing Training Initiative
Provides training to Russian and Ukrainian police, educators, and government agencies in the fields of community policing and juvenile narcotics prevention.

Covert Operations Program Specialists (TN)
C.O.P.S. specializes in undercover and surveillance training for covert law enforcement officers.

Dodson Training Resources, Inc.
Texas based training and speaking company that specializes in providing principle-based leadership, integrity and ethics training.

Domestic Violence Training Nationwide
Domestic violence training conferences are held across the US. Register online!

Florida LEGAL, Inc.
Promoting diversity, acceptance, and non-discrimination of all classes of persons in our communities and within the criminal justice profession.

Holtz Learning Centers (NJ)
A continuing education provider for law enforcement officers, corrections officers, private security officials and other practitioners and educators in criminal justice and public safety.

ITR International Training Resources, LLC
Specializes in basic, advanced, instructor, command level courses and support services that meet the operational needs of law enforcement agencies and the duty requirements of field officers and commanders.

Inside The Tape Seminars (VA)
Provides lectures and instructions in the area of death investigation and related forensic fields.

Institute for Criminal Justice Education
Nonprofit organization which provides free or low cost training, legal articles, periodicals and books of interest to law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

Institute for Intergovernmental Research
IIR is a research and training organization specializing in law enforcement, juvenile justice, and criminal justice issues.

Virtual reality training for fire and arson investigators.

Interviews & Interrogations Institute (CA)
Our conviction-based approach teaches interview and interrogation techniques proven to increase victim and witness cooperation and the number of legally obtained admissions and confessions.

Investigator Training International (UK)
Investigator Training International specialises in the design and delivery of competency, proficiency and specialist training for all levels in government agencies and private organisations who have a role the investigation, enforcement or prosecution of corruption, fraud, money laundering and other economic crimes.

PPCT techniques taught to law enforcement and corrections officer.

Law Enforcement Intelligence Training
Offers training seminars for officers and administrators.

Lisa Konrath, Inc.
Workshops for police trainers, instructor and curriculum development, supervision and management training, FTO Programs and advanced police training.

Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc.
Fee-based catalog of police and law enforcement training manuals for all 50 states.

Midwest Counterdrug Training Center
Provides free counterdrug training to law enforcement officers in the Midwest and Northwest United States.

Money Laundering detection and prevention training
Money Laundering detection and prevention training taught by Michael Hearns a south Florida veteran police officer who spent nearly 10 years undercover in the money laundering and narcotic underworld

Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
MCTFT provides tuition-free, counterdrug training programs for law enforcement officers and public officials using state-of-the-art classroom and distance learning techniques.

World leaders in critical incident simulation. Based in the UK, NCALT provide simulation training used in law enforcement across the world in murder investigation, critical incidents and public order.

NJ Police Training Commission
Police Training Commission is responsible for the development and certification of basic training courses for county and local police, officers, investigators, and law enforcement personnel.

NRA - Law Enforcement
Providing law enforcement instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach their students how to win lethal encounters

National Crime Investigation & Training (CA)
The answer for your physical evidence collection, preservation, interpretation, and crime investigation training needs.

National Law Enforcement Training Center
The NLETC certifies law enforcement, corrections, military and security trainers in numerous internationally-recognized use-of-force training programs.

Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (PA)
Providing free training, lodging and meals to drug law enforcement officers in the Northeast United States. Various 3-5 day courses available.

Personal Protection Consultants, Inc. (PA)
Offering training in modern techniques use of handcuffs, Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Spray, and batons.

Police Training Seminars & Videos by Buck Savage
Free police training videos and police training seminars by Dave Smith and Associates, aka Buck Savage.
The national calendar for law enforcement training. Includes a search function, to look for classes related to law enforcement.
Offers online training for police in community policing, for everyone in the department from line-level officers to the chief. Your headquarters for community policing.

An interactive PC driving product for testing and training police, EMS, and fire driver safety.

Public Agency Training Council
Offering a curriculum of over one hundred topics of academy quality training programs including Fire Service and Law Enforcement.

Public Safety Language Training
Tactical Spanish language training for law enforcement personnel, including slang, gang terminology and common expressions in police-oriented situations. Describes courses, and materials, lists clients, and provides a biography of the instructor, Alejandra Gómez.

Sniper's Paradise
Dedicated to training police marksman, military snipers, and civilian sharpshooters.

South Carolina Association of School Resource Officers
Resource for all School Resource Officers in South Carolina.

Storm Mountain Training Center
Their primary goal is to provide practical, professional and training for law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel.

Tactical Explosive Entry School
Offers Tactical Training in Brazil for Police Officers and Military - Hostage Rescue, High Risk Patrol, Officer Survival, Two Man Team Tactics, Police Sniper and others.

Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs (PA)
A division of the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University which conducts basic training, continuing education, and training curricula development for criminal justice professionals.

The Law Enforcement Resource Center
Provides award-winning video, audio, and written training materials for police officers and law enforcement personnel.

The Police Marksman magazine
The Police Marksman magazine offers realistic information that you can use in your struggle for survival on the streets.

The Security Institute
Member organization promoting and endorsing high standards in the education and training of security professionals.

Verbal Judo - Tactical Communication
Verbal Judo is a tactical communication training course. The principles and tactics taught enable graduates to use "Presence and Words" to achieve the desired outcome of an encounter.