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Alpha Disaster Contingencies
Information on areas of disaster preparedness, self-reliance, rescue, all aspects of disaster avoidance, survival skills and human rights.

Site with internet archives and various philosophy on preparedness and self sufficient living.

Backwoods Survival Blog
Discussion of life on a rural homestead; including gardening, long term food storage, alternative energy, emergency preparedness, self-defense, news, survivalist and self-sufficiency topics.

Calamity, la Carte
Pages on preparations and news on a collapse of everything.

End Times Report
Includes fallout prediction maps and preparation information for emergencies.

In The Rabbit Hole
Urban survivalist articles and podcast dedicated to helping others live well day too day and in extreme circumstances.

Modern Survival Blog
Issues relating to disaster preparedness and one's risk awareness and lifestyle adaptation to current-event related natural and man-made disasters or threats thereof.

Off The Grid
A journey towards off-grid living in Europe; a modern survival blog with weekly updates.

Prepared 2 Survive
A UK based forum with discussions on bug out strategies, disaster planning, survivalism and preparedness.

Prepared Society
Open forum to discuss emergency preparedness and survival.

Prepper Forums
Survival and preparedness forum with emphasis on self-reliant living, disaster preparedness, financial collapse, polar shift, overpopulation, mega quake, global pandemic, nuclear war, grid failure, oil crisis, and terrorist attacks.

Prepper Website
A news aggregator for preparedness information. Links to preparedness, survival, homesteading and alternative news articles.
This site is for learning more about communications alternatives to cell phones and the internet with helpful post SHTF communication techniques.

Real Survivalist
An educational resource with articles and reviews about survival, self-sufficiency, and prepper activities.

Secrets of Survival
Covers topics including natural and un-natural disasters.

Shepherd School
DIY preparedness project site with collection of PDF files of military and other survivalist related material

Survival Table of Contents
The Air Cavalry table of contents to extensive online survival information.

Survival and Self-Sufficiency Links
A listing of links covering topics including earth changes, farming, and amateur radio.
Jim Rawles, survival author and former Army Intelligence officer keeps a daily blog with updated information on all issues survival.

Started out as a link ring that has become an archive for survival information since 1997.
A site covering many survival and survivalist topics include survival skills, Civil Defense, disaster preparedness, self-reliance, wilderness survival.

Survivalism Text Files
Collection of old Usenet text files relating to self-reliance and survival skills.

Survivalist Boards
Forum concerning self sufficiency, disaster and emergency preparedness, primitive skills, and urban survival.

The Attitude of Survival
Guide to the mental side of dealing with unexpected survival situations.

The Home For Survival
Preparation on how to react to economic, social and natural disasters with simple, easy to implement steps - also known as a SHTF plan.

The Survival Mom
Collection of articles on disaster preparedness from a mother's perspective

The Survival Spot Blog
Dedicated to spreading emergency preparedness skills and knowledge.

The Survivalist Blog
Articles on how to live off grid, live frugally and on preparing for disruptions in society.

Tribe: Survivalist
An open forum for sharing ideas, tips, and secrets about survivalism.

Urban Survival Site
Site dealing with urban survival issues during disaster.

Urban Survival Skills
Informational site on Preparing for Urban Survival after economic collapse or other catastrophic events; imparts skills, reviews survival gear, equipment and books.