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Cell Phones and Driving
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Camera-Phone Danger
Camera phones in the hands of employees can be a useful tool as well as a corporate liability.,1895,1948408,00.asp

Capitol Hill Roiling Over Online Phone Records
The FCC has been dealing with complaints that carriers are not adequately protecting the personal information of cellular subscribers.

Cell Phone Radiation Chart
List of specific absorption rates (SAR) by cell phone model.

Cell Phones and Telemarketing
Explains current status of a cell phones directory.

Cell-Phone Towers and Communities: The Struggle for Local Control
Discusses the struggle between local and federal jurisdictions over cell phone tower placement.

Detect and prevent cellular phone use with the Cell Phone Detector. It alerts mobile phone users to switch off their phones.

Cellular Radiotelephones and Privacy
Abstract with link to full text of Canadian Radiocommunication Act.

Consumer Complaints About Cell Phones
Consumer advocacy site about potential health and security problems.

Disembodied Voices
Collection of overheard cell phone conversations from all over the world, with forum about disruptive encouters with cell phones in public spaces.

Protecting cell phone users' privacy
Background and context of debate over the sale of cell phone call records.

Study: Some Public Cell Phone Chats OK
Study shows attitudes are changing toward public cell phone use. Survey's 2000 respondents weigh in on use while driving, in restaurants, movie theaters, and other places.

The Myth of the Cell-Phone Addiction
Jeffrey Tucker, editor of, argues against a popular claim that over-reliance on cell phones is destructive to society.