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100 Protest Initiative to End Bilingual Teaching
Los Angeles Times

Hundreds Wait for Bilingual Education
Los Angeles Times - Hundreds of students whose parents have petitioned for bilingual education in the Los Angeles school system are in limbo while principals try to arrange bilingual classes. - Bilingual Education Troubled Program
Massachusetts has over 40,000 bilingual education students, and is one of only nine states in the US to require bilingual education in all districts where there is a sufficient number of students who are not proficient in English.

Opinions Vary on Studies That Back Bilingual Classes
Los Angeles Times. As the debate over bilingual education bounds toward a spring ballot initiative, two studies scheduled to be released today land on the side of teaching children in their native language first, then gradually switching to English. However, critics of bilingual education and even some supporters raised questions about the studies.

The Case Against Biligual Education
Atlantic Monthly: Why even Latino parents are rejecting bilingual education.

The Pros of Bilingual Education
Commentary by Domenico Maceri, The Denver Business Journal.

Twisted Tongues: The Failure of Bilingual Education
Article by Rosalie Pedalino Porter of the READ Institute arguing that bilingual education represents a radically departure from treatment of earlier generations of immigrant children and a form of segregation.

U.S. Bilingual Education Funds Ruled Out for Ebonics Speakers
Washington Post article about the Clinton administration's declaration of "black English" as a form of slang, and therefore programs which teach otherwise cannot do so with federal money intended for bilingual education.