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Civilian Oversight
Police Brutality
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Police Complaint Center
National non-profit organization that provides assistance to victims of police misconduct.

Focuses on resources for fighting police misconduct. Plus- strategies and techniques to combat police abuse, brutality, harassment, and corruption.

Flickr: Watching the Watchmen
Group posting images of abusive authority figures. Open for anyone to contribute.

This site is about helping people cope with police incompetency, and harassment. Sets up surveillance of radar traps and makes note of selective pull overs of race/sports cars.

Personality theory and coercive interrogation for persecution
How personality theory (Myers-Briggs, Kiernsey) is applied by the CIA, law enforcement to gain confessions by coercive psychological methods. False confessions and the prophecy about Christian persecution.

Police Brutality and Prisons IMC
San Francisco Bay Area indymedia project covering local/national/global police brutality and prison issues.

Police Corruption in the NYPD
Kenneth Eurell cooperated with the DEA and Internal Affairs against drug lords and his former partner.

Proper Response to the FBI
Learn the proper response to the FBI when they come knickin' to harass you and your family. Learn how Michael Sussman responded to them and never heard from them again! Includes actual pictures of the FBI agents, their vehicle, and recordings of their failed attempt to interview him.