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Afghanistan Civil War
Animal Rights
Fat Acceptance
Iraq Conflict
Israel-Palestine Conflict
Mailing Lists
Parents' Rights
September 11, 2001
Venting or Ranting
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Canadian Content Forums
Discussion about issues surrounding Canadians, anywhere from politics to computing to gaming. No registration required.

Earth Force United
Bulletin board for group that works toward peace and promotes nonviolent resistance to war, human and animal rights and environmental concerns. Links to related pages.

I Got Issues
A place to post an issue or to respond to an issue someone else has posted.
Social network forum focused on promoting discussions on buying American made products.

News discussion forum open for people of all ideological persuasions to browse and post articles and comments. Boards organized into issue categories.

Nattie's Speak Your Mind Forums
Forum, debate and message boards: If I Were President forum, and What Really Bugs Me forum. No password needed.

The Mote
Self-supporting community discussing issues of politics, current events, culture and a variety of other topics.

Time Bomb 2000
Contains discussions on the end of the world. Free registration required to participate.

Yahoo! Groups: Open Words
Focuses on freedom of speech. Users must select a username and password to start new discussions or reply to existing ones.