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B Corporation
Provides a framework and certification for companies wishing to benefit society as well as their shareholders.

Child Slave Labor News
Information on companies worldwide that are known to use sweatshop labor and child labor. Also some Good companies. Produced by Immaculata High School students.

Expose of The Bilderberg Club
"...somebody has to take governments' place, and business seems to me to be a logical entity to do it." - David Rockefeller

Joho the Blog
David Weinberger weblog talks about the Internet, online communities, his book "Everything Is Miscellaneous," and occasionally politics.

Robert A. G. Monks
This former corporate insider and former Maine-based U.S. Congressman has written several insightful looks at how corporations' operations may be inherently destructive to the environment, human beings, and our rights with ideas on improving the situation.

The One and Only Anti-Music Industry Website
Analyzes, examines, and exposes what it calls "the tasteless and evil practices of the music industry".

Transparency International
International coalition against corruption in international business transactions and seeking increased government accountability.

XAT Peaceful Revolution Network
A barter organization uses XAT units as an alternative to money to purchase goods and services. Writings on the history of money and a Journey guide.

iMedia Connection: How's Your Reputation?
Article suggests that actively managing what search engines say about your business can head off costly attacks.

undesign - a plan for all seasons
Reflections on the wisdom of Tibor Kalman, social responsibility, and a designer's role in the digital age.