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Encyclopedia Mythica: Mermaid
Descriptive summary.

Humanity: Mermaid Tales
Collection of legends from different cultures around the world.

Mermaid mummies
Article on reported mummified remains of Edo-period Japan.

Obsidian Magazine: The Mermaid
Article by Peg Aloi, describing the mythos of mer creatures.

Water Spirit Legends 1
Mermaids, water sprites, and demons from various cultures.

Water Spirits and Mermaids: The Copperbelt Case
A draft paper on African water spirits.

Wikipedia: Mermaid
Encyclopedic article on the female mythological aquatic creature, including sections on fiction, history, art and literature.

Wikipedia: Nommos
Humanoid deities with fish-like tales, worshipped by the Dogon tribe of Mali.

h2g2: Mermaids
Mythology, modern science, literature, and anatomy in relation to international and historic variations.