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Folklore and Superstitions
Cat related superstitions.

Greek Spider: Greek Superstitions
Including beliefs concerning the Evil Eye and Kalikatzaroi (goblins).

Herb Lore and Superstitions
Superstitions concerning the home and neighbours.

Old Wives Tales
Yahoo newsgroup discussing superstitions, old wives tales, charms, potions, myths, and recipes.

Silly Superstitions
Collection of superstitions and their possible explanations, contributed by visitors.

Petit lexique des superstitions et croyances.

Superstitions Surrounding Cats
Small collection of cat superstitions.

Superstitions Worldwide
A few superstitions about good luck and about marriage.

Superstitions, Old Wives Tales, Beliefs & Misconceptions
Superstitions A to Z, as well as wedding and death superstitions.

Top 10 Rodeo Superstitions
Superstitions of rodeo cowboys, collected by Rick Overall.

Virtually Virtual Iceland - Superstitions
Small sample of Icelandic superstitions.