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750 Magyar Közmondás - 750 Hungarian Proverbs
Book by Paczolay Gyula, presenting Hungarian proverbs with their English translations.

Best of Sicily - Sicilian Proverbs
Small collection of Sicilian proverbs in English translation.

British Proverbs
A collection of about 500 English proverbs, in Norwegian and English.

Buber's Basque Page: Esaera Zaharrak
Almost 300 Basque proverbs, with English translations and comments by Jon Aske.

Finnish Proverbs and Poems
Small collection of Finnish proverbs, with a poem by Tommy Tabermann (in Finnish and English).

Greek Proverbs
Book presentation with three sample pages of ancient Greek proverbs and phrases.

Greek Spider: Greek Proverbs
Fifteen Greek proverbs with explanations (in English).

Irish Proverbs
Wit and wisdom of the Irish, listed alphabetically.

János Baranyai Decsi and his Adagia
Article by Gyula Paczolay, University of Veszprém, on the first Hungarian proverb collection (1598).

Lituanus: Folk Wit in Proverbs and Riddles
Small selection of Lithuanian proverbs and riddles with explanations.

Russian Proverbs and Sayings
Supplied from "A Book of English and Russian Proverbs and Sayings" by M. Dubrovin (in English, with explanations).

Sicilan Proverbs
More than a 1000 Sicilian proverbs with English translations, extracted from Giuseppe Pitrč's collection.

Swedish Proverbs and Sayings
From a variety of written sources in English and Swedish.