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Amazing Nature
Psyhoative herbs, seeds, mushrooms and cactii.

Cacti, herbs, herbal products, oils, extracts, tea, ethnobotanical seeds and plants for sale.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals
Supplier of entheogens, rare plants, seeds, cacti, and mushrooms.

Cannapee Ethnobotanicals
Sells a variety of ethnobotanical from around the world.

Ethno Botany Source
Sells ethnobotanical plants and enteogens including salvia divinorum.

Offers a test for pills or capsules sold as Ecstasy to distinguish between fakes and XTC like substances.

FS Book Company
Offers books, videos, and magazines on drug education, use, and cultivation including psychedelics, marijuana, and mushrooms.
Sells cannabis related products. Also includes information, a discussion forum, and a search engine.

Herbal Fire Botanicals
Offers a selection of ethnobotanical and herbal products, including salvia divinorum, mushrooms, and San Pedro cactus. Products are mostly extracts and plant parts, with a few seeds also available.

Inhome Health Services
Offering a variety of prescription drugs.

Mazatec Garden
Provides shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts including salvia divinorum, dream herb, sinicuichi, wild dagga, damiana, incense, kava and ephedra.

Pot Seeds
Suppliers of cannabis seeds imported from Holland. Also sells salvia divinorum and hemp fabric t-shirts.

The Basement Shaman
Sells plants, herbs, herbal smoking blends, aphrodisiacs and tools for exploring consciousness.

The Pukka Seed Company
Sells seeds, books, salvia divinorum, herbal highs, cactus, bongs and other accessories.
Offers bongs, mushroom grow kits, salvia divinorum, UV and rave accessories.