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Advanced Communication Systems
Distributes commercial, amateur, government and military communications equipment.

Offers shortwave radios, antennas, batteries, chargers, water filters, emergency products, and consumer electronics.

Advantage Communications
Two-way radios, scanners, antennas, and accessories by Ritron, Jobcom.

Baofeng Tech
Find help for your Baofeng questions, and examine product details, and purchase Baofeng radio equipment, get service and warrantee info.

Bill's 2 Way
Amateur, CB, marine, FRS, GMRS, and commercial two-way radios, accessories, kits, parts, scanners, weather alert receivers, radar detectors, SWR meters, books, and used equipment.

Offers a variety of two-way radios, accessories, and batteries.

C. Crane Company
Specializes in multiband and WiFi radios, AM/FM and WiFi antennas, LED flashlights and light bulbs.

CB Shop
CB radios, scanners, radar detectors, GSM phones, car navigation systems, antennas, and accessories.

CB Shop Online
Store for radio communication products such as CB 27 MHz radio, PMR radio, scanning receivers, intercom systems and ham radio.

CB World
CB, FRS/GMRS/VHF, amateur, and marine radios, scanners, radar detectors, and accessories. Order by phone, fax, or mail.

Carling Electronics
Selling radio transmitters, receivers, parts, and accessories. Includes software directory and Morse code information.

Champlin Wireless Communications
Motorola two-way radio rental and sales, Motorola pagers.

Offer trocaster low power part 15 AM transmitter.

Copper Electronics
CB and ham radios, antennas, and accessories.

D&L Antenna Supply Company
Radios, antennas and accessories covering commercial, military and amateur radio applications. Order by phone or fax.

Offers 2.4Ghz Receivers and Transmitters and 13cm ATV equipment for general purpose and amateur radio use with information on special offers, trades and deal packages.

Dave Meitzen
Offering vintage radios, amplifiers and parts.

DockSide Radio
Sells marine radio, provides listing of marine radio frequencies and information about marine radios such as SCS Pactor-III radio modems, Sailmail, Winlink, and FCC license filing.

Etón Corporation
Makes and sells a wide range of radios and accessories.

Expanded Spectrum Systems
Small electronics researcher, developer, and manufacturer located in Tampa, FL. Commercial and amateur radio sales and support.

FF Systems
Repeater controller products, featuring repeater controllers, digital voice recorder units, EPROMS, and manuals.

GI Joe's Radio Electronics
Offers Uniden radio scanners, radar detectors, Gmrs Frs, Wilson cellular antennas and amplifiers.

Hi-Res Communications
Supplier of maintenance and repair videos for Hammarlund, military and other radios.

Hirsch's Radio Mart
Two-way radios, citizen band radios, scanners, portable, shortwave radios, GMRS and FRS, marine VHF, high-frequency ham radios.

Home Vision
Independent electrical retailer specialising in FM and AM radios.

Ion, Inc.
Buys and sells Motorola and other name brand two-way radios.

Livio Radio
Sells home and car internet radios.

MG Electronics
Selling antennas and government surplus test equipment and parts.

New Ham Store
Sells ham radio, CB, and amateur radio equipment.

Offer a wide range of radios such as Grundig, pocket, shortwave and worldspace radios.

OS Comms Ltd.
Supply and service of radios such as licensed radios (UHF-VHF) and unlicensed radios (digital).

Palco Electronics
CB, ham, and shortwave radios, scanners, antennas, and accessories.

Prestige Communications
Specializes in UHF CB, commercial two-way, marine and satellite telephone communication products for the private, mining and government sectors. Based in Perth, Western Australia.

R & L Electronics
Amateur, citizen band, commercial, marine, and shortwave radios, and scanners.
Microscanner for race car events that allows you to hear the talk between the drivers, pits, and spotters.

Radio Pro Shop
Includes an online catalog for receivers, transmitters, antennas and accessories in ham, CB, GRS and other radio services.

Radio ShowCase
Specialized in items antique radios from the 30`s to modern 21st century electronics, such as solar and dynamo powered radios, emergency radio/flashlights and shortwave radios.

Radio Wholesale
Offers a variety of portable and mobile radios, repeaters, and accessories.
Exotic radio communications and electronics equipment.

RatTail Antenna Booster
A passive device that attaches to a handheld radio operating in the VHF bands. Custom versions are available for 6 meter band, marine, aircraft or up to frequencies as high as 250 mhz.

Right Channel Radios
Specializing in the sale of CB radios, antennas and CB vehicle kits. Site also hosts library of educational CB articles.

Rugged Radios
Offers a range of racing radios, intercoms, scanners, headsets, and two way radios.

SSB Electronic USA
Manufactures and distributes HF, VHF, UHF, and SHF equipment including amplifiers, relays, transverters, antennas, and parabolic dishes. Order by phone or fax.

Scott's Crystal Radios
Homebrew crystal radios and radio parts to use for building a one or 2 tube radio, vintage headphones for crystal set use or just for collecting. Also sells related books and magazines. Features a headphone museum and a project page.

Radio designed specifically to relay the AM/FM broadcast signal on digital TV (satellite or digital cable).

Strutman Electronics
Sales of two-way radios, base stations and repeaters.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Large selection of new and hard-to-find equipment and parts.

The Shortwave Store
Shortwave receivers and accessories. Based in Ontario, Canada. [English/French]

CB radios and antennas, two-way radios, scanners and communication accessories.

Universal Radio, Inc.
New and used amateur and shortwave radio equipment.

VesterStrĝdam Radio Collection
Reducing collection of radios and parts: vintage BCL, military, marine and amateur radios.

Walkie talkies store
Retailer of two way radios, Walkie talkies and accessories.

West Coast Mall
Retail sales of CB, FRS/GMRS, ham, weather and scanners and their accessories. Information section on radios and antennas as well.