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BT Shop
Offering home electronics such as phones and faxes, computers, mobiles, digital photography and baby monitors.

Bargain Offers
Offers voltage converters, transformers, multi region code free DVD player, unlocked GSM cell phone, and 220/110 volt appliances.

Beach Audio
Offer home electronics such as camera, audio components, batteries and car audio.

British-based consumer electronics store.

Offers minidisc, CD, MP3, headphones, digital cameras, and digital video cameras.

Bombay Electronics
Featuring 220 volt, 110 volt, and multisystem appliances and electronics.

BumbleBee Electronics
Selling a wide range of electronic supplies and accessories such as LCD HDTV's, small appliance and digital cameras.

Buy Rite Electronics
Audio and video products for home, car and home office. Personal audio and digital photography.

Buys and recycles electronics such as cell phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, laptops, and gadgets.

The Best Things
Sales including electronics, cameras, housewares, personal care products, and woodworking tools. Product listings, and online ordering.

Design and manufacture DSP noise cancellation products such as radios, headphones and speakers. UK.