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Advance MCS Electronics
Sells home and pro audio video cables for audio and lighting.

Alien Apparatus
Manufacturer of hand microphone stand and a show controller.

Audio Discs Australia
Online retailer of high end specialty and reference discs for home theatre and HiFi.

Audio Out
Offers a wide range of iPod headphones, earphones, speakers and iPhone accessories.

Audio leads
Sells handmade audio leads.

Sells audio capacitors to small manufacturers and hobbyists.

British Audio Products
Offers high-end audio accessories, books and CD-ROMs. Contact for shipping outside of United Kingdom.

Chapman Machine & Design
Sells remote controlled microphone stands and accessories.

Cheshire Audio
Sells audio accessories, cables, equipment stands, cartridges, free advice on system upgrades, free secondhand pages. Online shopping by mail order.

DCI Technology
Provides audio hum eliminator to eliminate hum when connecting computers, TVs, and remote audio components to stereos and home entertainment systems.

DIY Hifi Supply
Offers do it yourself parts, modules, accessories, complete kits, and vacuum tubes for hifi stereo.

Dedicated Audio
Online source for home audio and visual cables, accessories, stands, furniture and parts for DIY.

Offers services that convert CDs to MP3s.

Future Sonics
Manufacturer of personal ear monitoring components. Provides information, reviews and online store.
Sells high-end audio accessories such as speaker terminals, binding posts, RCA connectors, and diy equipment.

Manufactures audio and video cables, connectors, and accessories for car/home applications.

Offering stepped attenuator audio controls. Also available in kit form.
Specialty audio shop offering headphones. Most products reviewed by store owner. Contact for shipping outside of USA.

Headphonies UK
UK distributor of mini portable speakers for iPod and MP3 players.

High End Cable
High-end speaker and interconnect cables for audio and video systems.
Sells selection of cases, holders and accessories for compactFlash, memory stick and other removable memory.

Sells audio backpacks with speakers.

Offers audio and home theater equipment mains power products, parts and accessories.

Mantra Audio
Offering accessories such as phono cartridges, replacement diamond styli, headphones, cables, speaker switches and , microphones.

Mediasonic Enterprises
Offer products using usb connectivity such as compact flash MP3 players, media card readers, usb flash drives, and other usb accessories.

Moon Audio
Audio cable specialist that sales custom designed cables, retermination, retail brand audio cables and DIY audio parts.

Sells new old Mullard tubes.

Nexxia Designs Limited
Offering a range of audio accessories for car, T.V., computer, and playstation.

Supplying audio and video electronics and accessories.

Parts Connexion
Offers products including parts and components for the audio HiFi hobbyists. Catalog and order information included.

Pickering UK
Cartridges for almost any turntable, and stylus and spares for Pickering turntables.

Planet Headset
Provides 2 way radio communication and Nextel headsets and accessories to use for retail stores, tours, car raising, construction field, law enforcement, airport security and surveillance.

Offers hi-fi, hi-end and video components and accessories such as tubes, racks, cables, and vinyl products.

Pro Audio Stash
Sells lighting, audio, sound, rack and accessories.

Quiet Headphones
Sells noise cancelling headphones.

Radical Electronics
Electronic kits of Class D audio power amplifiers. Ships in USA and Canada.

Revolution Power
Retailer of audio enhancement parts and power accessories.

Russ Andrews Accessories Ltd
Company provides mains and speaker cables, headphones and furniture direct to customers.

Offers cables and accessories for music studios.

SRS Webstore
Specializing in parts for tube amplifiers, guitar strings, and vacuum tubes.

Shorty Cable
Sells short 6in and 1ft audio, video and HDMI cables.

Sly Goose
Sells custom pro audio cables and accessories.

Sells audio headsets for iPod, iPhone, mp3 and mp4 players and computer systems.

Sonic Communications
Sells a range of headsets.

Audio accessory and hi-fi furniture specialist for speakers, headphones, hi-fi and computer.

Sell products for the analog tape recording enthusiast such as splicing, leader and recording tape, splicing blocks, reverse sensing foil tape, metal and plastic reels and boxes. Mail order.

Star Sound Technologies
Offers a range of spikes, cables and racks.

Stereo Manuals
Supplier of reproduction service manuals, user, owners, operating manuals and sales brochures for vintage and classic audio gear.

Styli Record Needles
Cross-referenced database of tonearms and cartridges with pictures. Offer to order online or via distributors.

Sella parabolic microphones that focus and amplify distant sound acoustically.

Sells stocks turntable needles and belts, phono cartridges, tape deck belts and idler wheels. Large searchable database that contains cross reference solutions.

Upbeat Audio, LLC
Offering Boostaroo brand products, including headphones, amplifiers and splitters for portable audio devices and laptops. Includes troubleshooting information.

Provides replacement stylus or accessories for turntable.