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24 Hour Batteries
Offering a variety of sizes for small electronics including LED lights and dog collars.

A Best
Manufacturer representative and distributor of batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera, power tools, battery chargers and accessories.

A&E Accessories
Specialize in rechargeable batteries for home electronics for digital camera, camcorders and cell phone.

Provides a variety of batteries, rechargeables, battery packs, chargers, LED flashlights and specialty lantern and spot-lights for audio, video to RC applications.

Advanced Battery Systems Inc.
Offers cordless phone, automotive and laptop batteries. [Site does not work on all browsers, best viewed in IE.]

All Battery
Provides batteries, chargers, car power inverters and DC adaptors.

Aloha Batteries
Battery and related accessory supplier for two-way radio, laptop computer, barcode scanner, medical and video.

Offers a wearable kinetic energy charger for mobile devices.

Provides rechargeable batteries, chargers and other accessories for consumer electrics.

Offers batteries for medical equipment, UPS systems, laptops, two-way radios, and emergency lights.

Apex Batteries
Includes models designed to fit home medical products, security, rv, and vehicles. Also offering rechargeable varieties.

Arizona Battery
Offers sealed lead acid batteries for common usage and UPS systems.

Armin Impex
Offers wholesalers and retailers batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers.

BD Batteries
Distributor of AGM, lead acid, and specialty deep cycle batteries in Denver Colorado.

Batteries ASAP
Offers sealed lead acid batteries primarily used in uninterruptible power supplies and emergency lighting applications.

Batteries Direct Inc.
Sells hand held bar code scanners and data terminals batteries, as well as laptops.

Batteries Inc
Featuring a variety of alkaline, rechargeable, lithium and battery pack customization.

Batteries Northwest
Sells a diversified array of batteries, battery accessories and diagnostic and test equipment.

Batteries Plus
Sells all kind of batteries for all needs including camcorder, phone, camera and laptop.

Batteries and Butter
Offering a wide variety of alkaline and lithium batteries. Includes chargers, blank media, and bulk sales.

Sells barcode scanner replacement batteries.

BatteriesInAFlash.Com, Inc.
Offers a wide selection of batteries. Also chargers, power and gaming accessories, and custom battery packs.

Battery Barn
Replacement cells and accessories for many applications including watches, remote controls, and RC toys.

Battery Bay
Supplier of PDA, mobile phone, and laptop batteries.

Battery Bob
Offers models designed to fit watches, hearing aids, camcorders, cordless phones, and cameras. Also includes chargers and blank media.

Battery Brokers
Sells batteries including two way radio batteries, lead acid and gel cell batteries and digital camera and video batteries.

Battery Central Mall
Offers batteries such as alkaline, lithium or rechargeable for all applications to consumers and businesses.

Battery Consulting
Offering UPS, wheelchair, medical, and home and vehicle batteries.

Battery Doctor
Offers a variety of hearing aid and rechargeable batteries, as well as packs and chargers.

Battery International
Offers SLA batteries primarily used in uninterruptible power supplies, power tools, alarm systems and emergency lighting applications.

Battery Price
Batteries for camcorders, digital cameras, laptop computers, two-way radios, alarm systems, power tools, and personal electronics.

Battery Quality
Replacement batteries for UPS backups, wheelchairs, scooters, alarm systems.

Battery Specialists Inc.
Provides camcorders, laptop, cellular phones, digital cameras and rechargeable batteries.

Battery Standard
Offers batteries, power supplies and battery chargers.

Battery Station
Wholesaler and retailer genuine branded batteries. Also carry a range of studio bulbs for the TV and film industry.

Battery Universe
Batteries for laptop computers, cellular phones, two-way radios, camcorders; accessories for portable devices.

Battery Warehouse Direct
Sells alkaline batteries.

Battery Web
Offers batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera, cell phone, cordless phone, UPS and chargers.

Battery World Canada Corp.
Batteries for many applications.

Sells batteries for power tools.

Offers a complete selection of batteries.
Offers a selection of LED flashlights and batteries.

Offers AA battery charger, button battery, smart chargers, razor battery, and nimh charger.

Offers digital camera, camcorder and cordless power tool batteries.

Offer a range of batteries for laptops, notebooks, cell phones and two-way radio. Also supply rebuilds, and recycled versions.

Offers all kinds of batteries, chargers, car power inverters and DC adaptors.

Offers replacement and rechargeable batteries for power tools and electronics.
Specialized on batteries for products such as notebook, digital camera, camcorder, PDA and power tools.

Beiter Battery
Offering a wide variety of batteries designed to fit small electronics, scooters, and vehicles. Also offering chargers.
UK-based family-run company supplying rechargeable batteries for laptops, cameras and camcorders, phones, tools.

Better Batt
Offers batteries and chargers for a large range of consumer electronics.

Blue Label Battery
Offers notebook computer batteries and power adapters.

Bohannon Battery Distributors
Offers a variety of consumer electronics and vehicle batteries and chargers.

Budget Batteries
Suppliers of sizes designed to fit mobile phone, laptops, camcorders and watches. Based in the UK.

Offers camcorder, camera, cordless phone, and laptop models. Also offering chargers. Located in the UK.

CH Batteries
Distributors and manufacturers of batteries for products such as calculators and watches, cordless phone and remote controls.

CPC Battery Services
Supplies sealed lead acid, AGM, lead crystal, NiCd, deep cycle gel batteries, chargers and battery packs for all applications.

CS Batteries
Specializing in button cell silver oxide and lithium batteries.

Sells a charger that use a charge algorithm that go through 8 steps to constantly read and communicate with the battery,

Cell Energy, Inc.
Provides batteries and accessories for electronic equipment such as laptops, cordless and cellular phones, UPS systems, handheld barcode scanners and assortment of alkaline, silver-oxide and lithium cells.

Cheap Hearing Aid Batteries Canada
Provides sizes 10, 13, 312 and 675 Rayovac hearing aid batteries. Also provides hearing aid battery information. Located in Canada.

Courtiestown Marine Limited
Offers lead acid battery desulfation such as kits and ready built units, pulsers and EDTA.

Cut-Rate Batteries
Sells batteries for radios, barcode scanner, battery chargers and eliminators.

Specialized in digital camera and replacement battery.

Provides batteries such as laptop/notebook, cellular phone, cordless phone, digital camera, camcorder power tool and accessories. Replacement cmos and UPS Batteries.

Online store sells replacement battery for digital camera, camcorder, laptop and battery charger.

Dissios Batteries
Sells a wide range of batteries, chargers and accessories.

Dual-Lite Batteries
Batteries for dual-lite emergency lights, exit signs and power inverters.

Duracell Direct
Batteries for camcorders, laptops, cameras and phones.

Duracell Portable Power
Provides a range of portable power packs, power inverters, battery chargers and portable jump starters.

EVS Supply
Supplier of batteries for camcorders, cell phones and laptop computers and specialty, fluorescent and stage lighting supplies.

Sales of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, chargers, and LED torches.

Elec Shopping
Offers batteries for laptop, camcorder, digital camera, power tools, cell phone, cordless phone, and chargers.

Energy & Power Solutions Trading
Energy equipment such as inverters, chargers, regulators, batteries, UPS and complete backup systems.

International reseller/distributor of batteries for computer clock CMOS, PRAM, laptop, UPS, cellular, digital camera and UPS.

Offers batteries and chargers for power tools, digital camera and laptop.

Healthy Battery
Sells a range of battery chargers and accessories.

High-Tech Battery Solutions
Battery company offering replacement batteries for battery backup systems, electric scooters, AED units, and wheelchairs.

Infinite Lights
Specializing in lithium coin cell and photo batteries, as well as LR41 and LR44 alkaline.

Ipod Battery Depot
Retailer specializing in iPod batteries.

Laptop Battery One
Batteries and chargers for laptops.

Laptop ac adapter
Provide laptop related products such as adapter, mother board, camcorder and digital player batteries.
Offer laptop adapters and batteries.
Sells rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Supplier of lithium ion batteries.

MK Battery
Sealed lead acid and gel batteries for wheelchairs, home medical, mobility, rv and vehicles.

Specializes in repurposing electrical energy and storage with products such as ac adapters and specialized battery charges.

Maha Energy Corporation
Offers online sales to consumers, professionals and manufacturers of a wide range of rechargeable batteries and chargers. Includes product and support information and dealer locator.

Mega Battery
Offers rechargeable, camera and cellular batteries, and chargers. Includes flat top and tab types.

Micropower Battery Company
Offers a variety of sizes including laptop, motor vehicle, camera, and phone. Also offering chargers and rechargeable types.

Australian specialists providing batteries, power adapters and other power products for laptops and handheld computers.

Mugen Battery
Distributor of extended and replacement Mugen Power batteries for mobile devices.

NICA Power Battery Corp.
Sells computer, medical, consumer, and video batteries. Also offering chargers and notebook accessories.
Rechargeable batteries, Ni-MHs, Ni-Cads, RC Packs, chargers and cellular accessories.

Overlander Rechargeable Batteries
Nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries. Chargers are also available as well as electric motors.

Pacific Battery Systems
Offers replacement laptop and notebook batteries and for camcorders, cordless phones, alarm and cameras

Planet Battery
Batteries and accessories for camcorders, laptop computers, digital cameras and UPS systems.

Portable Power Systems
Batteries/chargers for camcorders, telephones, medical, UPS, two-way radios.

Power SuperSite Inc.
Sells power supply systems and battery kits. Provides FAQ, glossary and information.

PowerSupplies Online
Offers a selection of power supply solutions, chargers and voltage converters.

Sells laptop batteries, adapters and power products.
Batteries and accessories for various electronic goods.

Rapid Batteries
Offers rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, lithium and alkaline button batteries.

Remy Battery Co., Inc.
Includes sizes for applications such as automotive, commercial, consumer electronic, and stand-by power.
Retailer of replacement UPS batteries. Specializing in SLA and RBC replacements.

Riverhill Battery Warehouse
Sells batteries for consumer electronic accessories.

Sakura Batteries
Offers products for battery restoration, maintenance and reconditioning.

Shop For Battery
Offers Laptop batteries, AC and auto air adapter.

Offers solution to charging mobile devices via the embedded USB sockets on a normal dual Australian and New Zealand power point socket.
Universal charger for all handheld electronics.

Sta-Brite Electronics
Offers emergency lighting and replacement batteries, bulbs and parts for emergency lighting equipment.

Standard Battery
Offers a variety of batteries, chargers, and accessories for cars, trucks, marine, motorcycles, power sports, wheelchair and golf carts.

Stored Energy Products
Offering batteries ranging in size from small electronics to marine, ATV, and motorcycle. Also includes chargers.

Tantronics Limited
Offers rechargeable batteries and chargers for conventional sizes. Specializing in digital camera and camcorder models.

The Battery Terminal Inc.
Featuring custom assembly for cars, phones and UPS systems. Includes chargers.

Batteries for notebook, digital camera, video camcorder and pocket PC, refurbished notebooks, slim optical drives, mobile CPUs and other notebook peripherals.

Importer and distributor of certified leaded electronic components with a wide range of products that includes resistors, capacitors, diodes and batteries. India.

UPS Battery Supply Company
Offers batteries for applications such as computer, lightning and alarms.

Vapex Technology
Sells AA, AAA, C, D, PP3 and model control batteries.

Volt Depot
Offers batteries for laptops, camcorders and electronics; battery chargers and power supplies.

Watch Batteries USA
Includes watch, calculator, camera, and keyless entry models.

WatchBattery (UK) Ltd
Offers batteries for all applications such as watches, camera, clocks, and cordless phones.

Westco Battery
Wide selection of laptop, cellular, and motorcycle batteries.
Camcorder, cellular, cordless phone and computer batteries.

eProducts to Go
Offers sealed lead acid, gel and small sealed batteries.