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A Place of Sense
A weblog for the structural engineering community. The topics discussed include building codes, earthquake design, professional organizations, and engineering research.

Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
CPCI Members have 35 plants located throughout Canada for producing the precast concrete you require for your project.

Design Failure Lessons - Hyatt Regency Hotel Catwalk Collapse
Why it happened and how it could have been avoided.

Eng-Tips: Structural Engineers
Technical support forums and mutual help system. Selling and recruiting forbidden.

Engineering Fundamentals
Military manuals related to drafting fundamentals and techniques, drafting projections and sketches, wood and light-frame construction.

Forms and Structures Generated by Identicals Elements
Research dealing with generation of double curvature forms with a unique modulus: an equilateral triangle.

NRC: Construction
National Research Council's rebranded Institute for Research in Construction (IRC) is Canada's construction technology centre. IRC provides research, building code development, and materials evaluation services.

Radar Resolution In Masonry: Facts and Myths
Thesis discusses the use of radar NDT in the testing the internal masonry structures enabling initial identification of structural problems.

SAC Steel Project
Seeks to develop reliable, practical, and cost-effective guidelines and standards of practice for the identification and inspection of at-risk steel moment frame buildings, the repair or upgrading of damaged buildings, the design of new construction, and the rehabilitation of undamaged buildings.

Structural engineering software, technical publications, text books, code books, and jobs.

International database and gallery of structures of interest to the civil engineer.

Structural Stability
Paper by Zdenek P. Bazan providing an overview of this vast field including elastic and inelastic structures, static and dynamic response, linear and non-linear behavior, energy approach, thermodynamic aspects, creep stability and fracture or damage-induced instability.

Structural Testing Laboratory
Materials and structural testing at Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum.
Resource for concrete design aids, for columns and beams, spread footing amalysis, flow charts in PDF, recommended books, contact form for feedback.