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AKNM Circuit magic
Circuit Magic allows you to design simple electrical circuits, simulate and learn about basic electrical laws. Russian version, and translated English version available.

ASSET InterTech, Inc.
Provides information about IEEE std 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG) testing and in-system programming (ISP) tools.

Antenna Software: Xperto
Software for the modeling of antennas and general 3D arbitrarily shaped wire structures. Xperto computes the electromagnetic response of wire antennas, including radiation and scattering problems, using a curved Moment Method code.

Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
Calculate the properties of arbitrarily shaped transmission lines.

Boin GmbH
Suppliers of software tools for IC and wafer manufacturers. Provides ability to read, analyze and visualize semiconductor metrology data.

Castline Systems
Software for electrical contractors, including FormFill, test and inspection software and CableCalc, cable and circuit evaluation software. Other products include lighting design and heat loss calculation software.

Provides factory connectivity and tool control software and services for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related electronics industries. Specializes in SEMI standards implementation.

DAD New World Modelling Tool
A software package for the design of instrumentation and electrical systems.

Offers design software for electrical and instrumentation engineers.

EMI Software
Software for electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis. Provides software information and lists services and news details.

Enterprise solution for electrical power systems

FDTD 3D electromagnetic field simulator.

Research group at the University of Alcalá, Spain, developing and applying advanced computer tools for the simulation of many electromagnetic problems.

Greg's Download Page
Free software for electrical engineering including freeware, shareware and demo software. Site is heavy on RF and microwave oriented programs.

Helicon Technologies LTD.
Integrated software and hardware systems for measurement and control applications. In English and Persian.

Industrial Control Design AS
Control solutions based on standardised software and hardware solutions.

Industrial Software Solutions & Designs
Industrial programs for SCADA and Instrument use, Thermocalc, Startup.

Karnaugh Map
Karnaugh Maps to design combinatorial circuits.

Linear Circuit Analyzer Program
This program analyzes simple linear DC circuits which have a maximum of 4-5 loops. It runs in JAVA-enabled web browser.

Electromagnetic code modeling for antennas and propagation. Offering software can be run via the Internet site without downloading.

Develops models and use behavioural simulation and finite elements analysis for global simulation using Saber and QuickField.

Provides semiconductor equipment connectivity, integration, simulation and SEMI standards compliance tests. Also software products and services for the semiconductor manufacturing and equipment industry.

Power Circuits 101
A simple program for linear circuit analysis with AC, DC solutions and frequency (Bode) and time response plots.

Power Supply Manufacturers Database
Power supplies marketing information and product listing.

Powersim Inc.
Simulation software specifically designed for power electronics and motor control.

Poynting Innovations (Pty) Ltd
Supplier of SuperNEC, EM Simulation software, SIG (Structure Interpolation and Gridding) and ASEP (Antenna Simulation and Evaluation Program).

QuickField software, Finite Element Analysis. electromagnetic, heat transfer and stress analysis.

RF System Design
Radio Frequency Design Software.

Software dealing with the system aspects of radio-transmissions. It computes the performances of digital/analog radioelectric links in the presence of linear or non-linear distortions and interferences.

Rale Engineering
Distributor, power transformer and inductor design software and applications.

Offers EM software for a range of applications including antenna design, cell phone design, wireless network system design, photonics, microwave circuits and medical resonance imaging.

Semcad X
Manufacturer of experimental and numerical analysis and synthesis tools for electromagnetic near-field and far-field. Also provides simulation software for a wide range of applications.

A non-commercial PLC simulator, programmable by way of a high-level language.

System Plus, S.A.
Offers a line of software modules and services for electronics products cost and performance analysis.

Technical Aspects of RF Emissions Hazards
Technical information on RF and Transceiver Hazards.

Those Engineers Ltd
Providing electronic design information, working evaluation downloads, and circuit models. Lists product and pricing information.

Offers software for JTAG boundary-scan testing, circuit debugging and in-system indirect flash programming.

TrendPoint Systems
Web-Based Power and Environmental Monitoring products,

Windows shareware application for the tracing, analysis, and printing of Bode diagrams, both asymptotic and real.

Xanalog Corporation
Real-time open systems for hardware-in-the-loop simulation, rapid controller prototyping, embedded controller testing.

Xverve Technologies
Design, develop and manufacture a range of embedded evaluation and development boards and tools covering a broad selection of microcontrollers from multiple semiconductor vendors.