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AFGROW (Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis Software)
AFGROW fatigue crack growth analysis software tool that allows users to analyze crack initiation, fatigue crack growth, fracture, and assess the life of metallic structures.

Pressure vessels and mixing software for mixing systems, pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks including supporting, flanges, nozzles, jackets. Compliant ASME VIII div 1.

Code CAD, Inc.
Provide PC software, support and training in the areas of pipe stress analysis, finite element analysis, pressure vessel design, heat exchanger design, tank design, and CAD-based plant design.

Computer Engineering , Inc.
Designs software for pressure vessel design and analysis (ASME)and welding procedures and management. Includes detailed program descriptions, information on support and training and some useful utilities to download.

Belt Conveyor Design Program for conveyor design and optimisation. It is capable of designing large conveyors, including Stacking and Reclaiming Systems and Overland conveyors. Allows the designer to investigate all the possible load cases and to optimise the design including sizing of drives and braking systems.

Engineering calculators and resources.
A collection of online calculators and resources e.g. Units conversion, voltage drop, pipe friction loss calculation and data tables.

Free Mechanical Engineering Software
Lists vendor web-sites offering free (often demonstration version) CAD, finite element analysis, thermal, and general utility applications.

Windows software for sizing spur and helical gears with a gear wizard according to Robert Errichello. For rating the methods AGMA 2001 and AGMA 925 are available. Description of software and pricing information.

Helix Technologies
Used for borefields, landfill gas extraction, and water supply design.

Mechanical engineering software including tolerance analysis, gear design, shaft design and spring calculation.

A calculation software for design and optimising of rotating machinery parts such as shafts and gears. Includes a program description in PDF and HTML formats and a demo version for downloading. Also provides dates of trade fairs and seminars, price lists and articles about mechanical design using the program.

A mechanical and technical calculation package. Includes solutions for gearings, belt, chain, springs, beams, and shafts. MITCalc support 2D and 3D CAD systems and many international standards. Description of software and downloads.

Mechanical Simulation Corporation
Offer CarSim and TruckSim software packages that analyze the way cars, light trucks, utility vehicles, heavy trucks, buses and articulated vehicles respond to driver controls on 3D road surfaces. CarSim also offers Real-Time and Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Mechanics of Composite Materials
Educational software. Download only.

Micro Techno
Suppliers of engineering software for plant design including design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Provides motion analysis hardware and software.
Downloadable calculators. Includes line and circle problems such as a circle tangent to two circles.

Helps engineers improve designs by using simulation-derived information. MotionPort distributes and supports the RecurDyn multibody dynamics (MBD) simulation software from FunctionBay, as well as the finite element analysis (FEA) software Femap and NX Nastran, from Siemens.

Offers free software for the calculation of the static pressure on rails, acceleration time and weight estimation.

Computer Software for design of belt conveyors, belt feeders and pulley shafts for bulk materials handling systems.

Pipe Stress Analysis
Piping stress analysis software and technical information. SIMFLEX series of pipe stress computer program.

PipingSolutions, Inc
Develops, markets and supports engineering software for the design of piping, tanks, nozzles and emergency relief systems. Description of software and services.

Quick Spring Designer
Provides software to assist in the design of the five most common spring types and analyze designs for all eight types of springs. Includes examples and order form.

Offers involute gear calculations software, spline and spline gage calculations software covering six major spline standards. Software, gear definitions and formula. Freeware and commercial version.

SoftInWay Inc.
Provides AxSTREAM software for turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization (axial compressors, axial turbines, centrifugal compressors, radial turbines, turbochargers, fans, blowers, turbojets, turbopumps) and intensive training for engineers.

Software Engineering Service
Provides several gear design programs.

Offers 3D engineering design software. The model-importing functionality enables engineers to work on the 3D model directly without having to learn a feature-based programming system.

TechEng Designs
General engineering software e.g. for tank and stack design.

Web Gear Services
Excel based gear design software with DXF file creation, consulting and training services. Programme description, ordering information and a forum.

Web based calculation software for machine elements like shafts, gears, shaft-hub connections, springs and timing belts.