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Ambisonic Surround Sound
Covers UHJ discography, pair-wise mixing and separation, and spherical harmonic components.

Audio electronic designs for the do-it-yourself hobbyist.
Audio/Video discussion forum. Frequented by audio/video enthusiasts, professional and hobbyist alike. No cost and no registration required.

Beta Hi-Fi Pal
A historical review of the video format that first became popular in the UK and later lost popularity to the VHS format.

Computer Dynamics
Facts, questions and answers, and definitions about flat panel displays.

HDTV Lounge
HDTV reviews, news and product information.

How Stuff Works: Analog and Digital Recording
Illustrated guide to analog and digital recording. Includes a sound sample.

How Stuff Works: Tape Recorder
Fully illustrated tutorial about magnetic recording, with related links.

Labguy's World: The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS
A museum and research reference site of small format video tape recorders that existed prior to 1976.

MPEG Audio Resources and Software
Technical resources for those interested in understanding better the Audio part of MPEG standard.

Musical Instrument Tube Amp Building
Anthology of do-it-yourself instruction for designing and building tube-based instruments.

Pro Sound Info
Information about pro audio, including vintage broadcast consoles, processors, and cart machines.

Steve Ekblad's Free Audio Software and Online Audio Tools
A variety of acoustics related software tools geared toward the do-it-yourself experimenter.

The Genesis Of Vinyl Stereo Record in Brief.
Synopsis of first vinyl recording cutter and cartridge for playback.

Tube CAD Journal
Active forum for exchange of tube audio ideas and technology.

Tubes Vs.Transistors -- a report.
An essay presented to the AES on the much-debated topic of the tonality of different amplifier technology.

World Tube Audio
Extensive list of links and topics on vacuum tube audio applications, projects, theory, and design. Boasts a "world's largest" tube audio links section.
Reference site for all electronics applications. Tutorials on power supplies, testing, audio, microphones, amplifiers, motor control, basic electronics, lasers, radios, digital electronics, and robotics.