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American Society for Cybernetics
Aims are to facilitate the work of those with an interest in the field of cybernetics.

Cambridge Cybernetic Society
Association with the mission to create a forum for transdisciplinary discussion in the tradition of cybernetics, to consider relationships of technology, commerce and society in the 21st Century and to offer perspectives of cybernetics as a constructive discipline, especially in the context of its prefix being usurped.

Cybernetics and Systems Societies
A list maintained by F. Heylighen.

IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetic Society
Fields of Interest are Integration of the Theories of Communication, Control, Cybernetics, Stochastics, Optimization and System Structure towards the Formulation of a General Theory of Systems, Technology and Application of the Above to the Analysis and Design of Biological, Ecological, Socio-Economic, Social Service, Computer Information, and Operational Man-Machine Systems.

International Association for Cybernetics
Aims are to ensure a permanent and organized connection between cybernetics researchers around the world to promote the development of this science and its technical applications.

The Control Systems Group
Membership organization dedicated to application of William T. Powers' perceptual control theory model to understanding purposeful behavior.