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Cryogenic Processing of Materials
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Sales, service, and installation of used, rehabbed and new cryogenic and CO2 tanks and accessories. In Willis, TX.

German distributor of wide range of cryogenics products. In Buettelborn, Germany

Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for both laboratory and industrial applications, offering a complete line of cryogenic temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and cryogenic accessories.

Design and manufacture of vacuum insulated cryogenic storage and distribution vessels.

Cryomech, Inc.
Cryomech manufactures the largest variety of Gifford-McMahon (GM) and pulse tube cryorefrigerators. Cryomech also manufactures liquid nitrogen plants (generator) and cryostats.

Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. Homepage
Cryogenic tank repair, refurbishment and renovation, including custom pressure control manifolds, supplies and parts. Located in Bolivar, Ohio.

Insulator Seal Inc.
Electrical and optical ceramic-to-metal seal components for high and ultrahigh vacuum corrosive and cryogenic applications.

Janis Research Company
Cryogenics laboratory equipment and research systems, including helium refrigeration and superconducting magnet systems. In Wilmington, MA.

Kelvin International Corporation
Laboratory equipment for the production of LN2 and LOX using Solvay, PTR, and multibed-PSA systems. Also cold heads and cold traps. In Hampton, Virginia.

A manufacturer of cryogenic and vacuum equipment, and also medical and processing industries equipment. Belgrade, Serbia-Yugoslavia.

Linde group: Icebitzzz
A range of dry ice products available throughout Europe, also industrial, medical and specialty gases. Other products include packaging, smoke machines, and CO2 detectors. In Dutch, English and German.

Macomber Cryogenics
Sales, design, and installation of vacuum-insulated pipe systems, and sales of cryogenic and industrial gas freezers, separators, storage vessels, and other equipment. In Shrewsbury MA.

Midland Cryogenics Ltd
Specializing in pipe freezing, pressure testing, and nitrogen shrink fitting. Also live tank repair and Perlite injection. In Wolverhampton UK, with offices in Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Manufacturer of microdosing liquid nitrogen pump including controller for adjusting low temperature. From Holland (Netherlands).

Oxford Instruments
Major international instrumentation company, including many instruments and equipment for cryogenic use. Very good site-searching capabilities.

Pacific Consolidated Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of air separation and high pressure/cryogenic distribution equipment to commercial and military users around the world. Includes air separation plants and generators for liquid oxygen and nitrogen. In Santa Ana, California.

Piping Technology and Products, Inc.
Among other things, the manufacturer of insulated cryogenic pipe supports. In Houston, Texas.

Quality Cryogenics
Designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom-engineered Vacuum-Jacketed Piping solutions for the transfer of cryogenic liquids. Also performs repair of liquid and beverage cylinders. In Jasper, Georgia.

SIS Micro Cryo Trap
From Scientific Instrument Services, a programmable Micro Cryo-Cooling and Heating Trap for the cryo-focusing of volatiles and semi-volatiles.

SSB Cryogenic Equipment
Specialists in cryogenic liquids and equipment. Also provide petrochemicals, oil and gas, and engineering services. In Singapore.

Skaff Cryogenics, Inc.
Repair and rehab, buying, selling, and leasing of cryogenic and bulk liquid nitrogen tanks and trailers. In Hampstead, New Hampshire.

Solutionwerks, Inc.
Global supplier of engineering services and equipment supply for the production of atmospheric industrial gases. Includes air separation plant and cryogenic equipment operation, maintenance and upgrades. In Cincinnati, OH.

Stirling Cryogenics & Refrigeration BV
Manufacturer of gas liquification, storage, and cryo-refrigeration systems. The Netherlands.

THT Cryogenics
A UK supplier of liquid gas vessels and storage tanks for various industry sectors (e.g. food and beverage) with liquid and gaseous storage systems, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. In Hull, England.

Thermax, Inc.
Thermax Inc. designs and builds cryogenic/chemical vaporizers, gas heaters, fluid coolers and condensers for liquefied gases and chemicals. Main office in S. Dartmouth MA, with offices in Australia and Britain.

A directory of cryogenic equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Union Engineering
Manufacture and sales of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) recovery, production, and extraction plants for brewery, distillery, soft drink and industrial gas companies. Based in Denmark, with plants worldwide.

Universal Cryogenic Tank Division - Universal Industrial Gases, Inc.
Offering cryogenic storage tanks for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide, cryogenic liquid trailers, vaporizers, pressure vessels, LNG, and Ethylene tanks - new and used. An exceptionally useful web site in general, including explanations of the cryogenic separation process, materials safety data sheets for various gases, and a section of conversion tables and calculators. In Easton PA

Wessington Cryogenics
Manufacture and repair of cryogenic storage vessels and accessories. Also oxygen deficiency monitors and cryogenic safety equipment. Tyne and Wear, England.