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APS Dynamics, Inc.
ELECTRO-SEIS Long Stroke Shakers for structural and modal testing and low frequency calibration, with DUAL-MODE Voltage-Current Amplifiers and Portable Shaker-Amplifiers.

Alpha Omega Engineering, BioMedical Division
Instruments for recording and analyzing electrical activity from the brain and the nervous system. Spike sorting, data acquisition, microelectrode amplifiers, microelectrode manipulators.

Alzet Osmotic Pumps
Miniature, implantable infusion pumps for continuous administration of test agents in laboratory animals (as small as mice) at controlled rates from one day to four weeks without the need for external connections or frequent handling.

Applied Neuroscience Ltd. (London)
Microdialysis probes, electrodes, microcannula, and biosensors.

International bio-materials group focused on the development and commercial exploitation of its biocompatible phosphorylcholine for use in cardiovascular and urology applications.

Aims to help hospitals meet their biomedical engineering needs, offering training and support to allow hospitals to maintain, service and sterilize medical devices.

Biomedical Technologies, Ltd.
Data recording and analysis systems.

Biomomentum Inc.
Manufactures an arthroscopic device for the functional evaluation of cartilage and testing instruments for the evaluation of the mechanical properties of biomaterials.

CES Medical Systems
Medical device outsourcing company that provides design, engineering and manufacturing services to medical device companies.

Conceptual product that allows its users to awake more refreshed and alert by determining the stage of sleep via advanced physiological signal processing and waking the user at the ideal moment.

Cicero Bioinstrumentation
Biomedical engineering services including software, test and measurement, FDA-compliant documentation and support, and clinic and laboratory IT.

Class Biologically Clean, Ltd.
Manufacturer of flexible film germ-free isolators, clean rooms, protective suits and biocontainment devices.

Designers of systems for measuring, monitoring, and recording physiological parameters in laboratory subjects.

Automated watering systems and environmental monitoring systems for the animal lab.

Empirical Testing Corp.
Accredited mechanical testing laboratory solely specializing in medical device testing, including spine, small joints, large joints and dental implants.

Orthopedic products. Ankle, knee, shoulder and hip replacement implants in standard and custom configurations.

FabGennix International Inc.
Provides catalog antibodies against signal transduction, Immunology and Cancer Research.

Glass for technical applications
Quartz and borosilicate glass products for chemistry, medical technology, laser technology, semiconductor technology, vehicle technology, laboratory technology, biotechnology.

Guger Technologies
EEG, ECG, EOG and EMG acquisition and analysis systems based on MATLAB and Simulink.

Infu-Disk (Med-e-Cell)
Infusion pumps for biomedical research.

Insilicomed, Inc.
Offers predictive simulation tools that model the physical properties of human cardiovascular tissue for use by biomedical device manufacturers during the development phase.

Knowvention, llc
Product development consulting services for biomedical and medical device industries. Services include design, engineering, patents, and FDA support.

Krishgen Biosystems
Developed cytokine kits for disease research, drug discovery and molecular diagnostic test development.

Develops therapies for biosurgery, tissue repair and regeneration.

Life and Device
Service provider specialising in studies on cardiovascular implantable prostheses, artificial organs and biological interfaces. Provides information on the services offered, the facilities and the customers.

Lindare Medical
UK based supplier of spinal implants and bone growth enhancing, dose specific, DBM and synthetic products.

Michigan Critical Care Consultants develop and commercialize early-stage medical device technologies. Includes details of the product development process, the team's capabilities and case studies.

Microtissues, Inc.
Rhode Island based company offering a 3d cell culture system.

Monash University Rehabilitation Technology
Catalogue of prosthetic, orthotic, and rehabilitative devices developed by REHABTech and available for the industry. Information for amputees - advice and links to support groups. Information for the health professional, continuing education, reports, relevant research, practice forms, discussion groups.

Products and services for test and calibration of biomedical and industrial test instruments.

Nian-Crae, Inc.
Computerized devices for rehabilitation, including ambulatory physiological data recorders and an artificial hand.

OakRiver Technology Corporation
Provider of engineering and contract manufacturing solutions specializing in electro-mechanical and medical devices.

Pega Medical Inc.
Design, development, evaluation, and manufacturing of medical devices (bone repair products). 3-D CAD/CAM system, finite element analysis, static and fatigue biomechanical testing, contract manufacturing, forensic engineering.

Pronk Technologies Inc.
Manufacturers of portable biomedical test simulators and complete vital signs simulation systems.

R. M. Baldwin, Inc
Offers mechanical, electronic and biomedical design, regulatory and quality system development. Provides details of services offered, client projects and products.

SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc.
Pulmonary research products for accurate measurements of respiratory mechanics and lung function for pre-clinical scientific applications and integrated tools for inhaled toxin exposure.

Scott Industries
Provides product development services to small companies and individuals.

Southern Lights Biomaterials
New Zealand based collagen materials company supplying FDA-approved medical device manufacturers globally with BSE-free bovine collagen and pericardium sheet.

Stryker Orthobiologics
Offers biomaterials and regenerative biological products for clinical specialties including trauma, spine, craniomaxillofacial and joint replacement.

SwRI Medical Device Design
Medical technology development based on a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, with innovative medical device design, prototyping, and testing.

T3I - UV Decontamination
High-output, monochromatic UV source for fluid decontamination.

TGR BioSciences
Focuses on drug discovery assay technologies and applies its core skills in cell biology to the development of new biodetection technologies.

TSZ Scientific
Offer laboratory equipment, molecular biological reagents and ELISA kits.

A Malaysian based company providing health products.

Trans Spectra
Research, development and production of SIFT-MS and FA-MS instruments for trace gas analysis of air, breath and liquid headspace.

Veryan Medical
Developer of a series of medical devices to improve the long-term effectiveness of medical care in patients with vascular disease.