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Aerodynamics for Students
A web textbook from the University of Sydney that covers undergraduate-level aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, aircraft performance and propulsion. Investigates the significance of pressure distribution on an aerodynamic body and the estimation of lift, drag and pitching moment of an aerofoil from the pressure around it in flight.

Aerodynamics of Bicycles
A practical introduction to the Aerodynamics of ground vehicles.

Aeronautics Learning Laboratory -- (ALLSTAR) Network
A NASA generated site with instructional resources for students and educators. Includes sections on the history and principles of aeronautics.

Airfoils by Chris Heintz
A textbook that discusses airfoil aerodynamics as applied to STOL aircraft.

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology (AS)
German research institute.

Software program which uses several traditional methods for airfoil analysis including potential flow and boundary layer analysis.

Mark Ketchum's Bridge Aerodynamics Page
A discussion of bridge aerodynamics, with particular emphasis on suspension bridges and the Tacoma Narrows disaster of 1940.