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Acoustics FAQ
A Newsgroup FAQ document intended to answer frequently asked questions about acoustics.

Development, production and sales of systems in the fields of radar and sonar technology as well as consultancy work.

Introduction to Spectrum Analysis
Describes the procedure of conducting spectrum analysis and applications for this type of test. Page includes diagrams.

Mechanical Acoustics/vibration Engineering Forum at Eng-tips
Engineering technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals.

Particle Velocity Acoustical Sensors
Overview of the microflown technology to measure the entire range of acoustical properties like particle velocity, sound power and ( three dimensional ) sound intensity

Specializing in Sonar, research and development systems, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and acoustics engineering.

Sound Around You Project
Large scale sonic research survey into the relationships of the public with the soundscapes they inhabit, being undertaken by the University of Salford, England
Consulting and educational services in: acoustics; shock and vibration; signal processing; and dynamic data acquisition and analysis.