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3D Motion Analysis
This site provides information about kinematic and dynamic measurements. High-speed cameras and analog data acquisition are key technologies for 3D motion analysis in human movement sciences.

AnyBody Research Project
A computer system for simulation of human movement. Computes muscle forces, joint reactions, metabolism, mechanical work, and efficiency for given movements.

Video analysis software for measurement of human motion in sports science and medicine. Synchronous acquisition of video, EMG, force platforms, and pressure distribution. Reports in pdf, html, and other formats.

HQ Inc
Fomerly HTI Technologies. Manufactures the patented Cortemp Ingestible Core Body Temperature Pill , the CorTemp ambulatory data monitor, and wireless sensing systems that are used in agriculture, industry, research, medicine, and sports physiology.

Human Solutions GmbH
Offers solutions for human modeling and body scanning. Products include Ramsis, Bodybuilder, Anthropos, Retailor, Xfit, and Anthroscan.

NexGen Ergonomics
Software and tools for job analysis, data acquisition, movement analysis, EMG, noise analysis, temperature sensing, vibration analysis, and anthropometric measurements.

Noldus Information Technology
Observer - professional system for collection, analysis, presentation and management of observational data.

Noraxon USA, Inc.
Information and service center for surface and fine wire EMG, electrodes, goniometer, footswitch and telemetry. Contains product descriptions and application guides for applying measurement technology in clinical and insurance settings.

Pressure distribution measuring systems for barefoot, in-shoe, seat interface, horse saddle, tire, knee-joint as well as numerous other applications.

Primelec, D. Florin
Manufacturer of eye tracking systems based on the search coil technique, stimulus generators, stimulus isolators and other laboratory equipment.

Seeing Machines
Specializes in non-contact head and eye tracking systems, such as faceLAB, which provides head pose and eye gaze information, as well as fatigue measurements.

Tekscan, Inc.
Dynamic tactile force and pressure measurement systems and sensors for the Industrial, Medical, Dental, and OEM markets. Applications range from grip, ergonomics, and in-shoe gait analysis to tire tread, automotive and seating.

zebris Medizintechnik GmbH
Biomechanics measurement systems for 3D measurements, spinal analysis, gait analysis, equilibrium analysis, hand and arm function, EMG measurement, force distribution, jaw movement, and analysis of leg geometry.