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Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
Research on human behavior and performance in systems and organizations, development of training in real and virtual environments, human-centered design and testing of systems, equipment, and procedures, analytical techniques for the investigation of complex criminal activities.

Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc.
Human factors, ergonomics, and safety engineering consultants with expertise in warnings, product safety, occupational safety, transportation safety, occupant protection, human error, human movement, climbing and stability, human performance and risk perception (US)

Glasgow, UK firm offering consulting, research and training services to assist organisations with making products usable, safe and easy to learn, job design, workplace ergonomics and organisational ergonomics.

Bright HF
Human factors, ergonomics and usability specialists providing research, user-centred assessments, training & process development to public and private sector organizations. Glasgow, UK.

Convergent Design Inc
Description of consulting services focused on the design of "products that understand people".

Draganich Consulting
Louis Draganich, PhD, provides consultation, testimony and trial support in the biomechanical engineering of injuries, accident reconstruction, failure analysis and clinical orthopedics.

Ergonomic Systems Design, Inc.
Consultant in the application of human factors engineering methods, and ergonomic data to facilities, vehicles, equipment, devices, and jobs. Information on human factors engineering services, user interface, user and market research, test and measurement and design information.

Error Analysis, Inc.
Human factors, safety and accident reconstruction consultants. Corporate info, clients, and publications.

Ginette M. Collazo
Human reliability consultant. Provides information on human error investigation methodologies and organizational development.

HAM Associates
Ergonomics, human factors and design consultancy, undertaking work in safety critical and high hazardous environments where human performance is vital for organisational success.

Applying fundamental psychological principles to the design of industrial products.

Human Factors Consultants
Consultation and legal expertise in human factors issues of safety, warnings, human error, accident evaluation, equipment design, and training adequacy. Services, biographical information of principles, research, presentations, case citations and contact information.

Human Factors, M.D.
Usability engineering firm focused exclusively on the medical device industry. Services include user research, product assessments, software user interface design and human factors program development.

Specialists in human factors, psychology, business, design, engineering and manufacturing provide full service consulting for product innovation and design. Site describes services, methods and provides client list and project profiles. (US, UK, Germany, Israel, Tokyo)

Matheson System
Consultancy service offering training, software and equipment for functional capacity evaluation, post-offer testing and ergonomic evaluation.

Purswell & Purswell, Engineering & Ergonomics, Inc.
Consultant providing ergonomics and safety consulting services in the areas of traffic safety, occupational safety, product safety, biomechanics, work physiology, ergonomics, warnings and instructions.

RCS Performance Systems, Inc.
Robert C. Sugarman, PhD offers human factors consulting services. These include systems design and evaluation, delivery of training programs, litigation support and expert testimony.

Risk Management Group
RMG provides ergonomics engineering services to help companies improve process efficiency and workplace safety through consulting, training, engineering, risk assessment and kaizen events.

Roebuck Research and Consulting
Expert assistance with questions of human body dimensions(anthropometry) and their applications to ergonomic designs. John Roebuck can help you write proposals, plan surveys, analyze data, prepare reports and apply data in innovative ways.

Samaras & Associates, Inc.
Human factors consultant specializing in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment ergonomics, especially where automation is a critical component. (US)

Thompson, David A. PhD
Human factors consultant with expertise in vehicle operation, machine guarding, biomechanics, warnings and instructions and falling objects injuries.(US)