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Time limited shareware tool that produces word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts for all common file formats.

GE Trans
Program for translating German texts into English, also useful for translating individual English words into German. Translation database exceeds 225,000 words, with many scientific and technical terms.

GITS Word Macros
Macros for performing word counts, conversion of double-byte to single-byte characters, scanning document for Japanese text, and page-number insertion. Free download.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter
Software that extracts and counts unique words in text files. MS Windows.

Language Source
Language translation software for MS Windows, as well as non-English language keyboards and other internationalised software of well-known brands.

A program that uses public domain resources to translate words, phrases, sentences and short texts in twelve languages. Shareware.

Pars Translator
English to Persian translation software for Windows.

Provides healthcare interpretation technology to improve communications with limited English-proficient (LEP) patients.

Quick Count
Counting software for translators and writers.

Resource Solutions ResMan
Tool for automated translation of Microsoft Resource scripts in German and English versions.

Information on the maker of Reverso, machine translation software supporting English, French, German, Spanish and Russian translation.

Total Assistant
Word and character counting for formats including MS Word, HTML, Acrobat PDF, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel.

Open source machine translation program, developed with the Python language, covering common languages and eventually many less supported languages.

Software for performing translations of websites or straight text between Chinese and English.

Machine translation software for English-Polish and English-Russian. 30 day trial download.

Translation Experts
Company offering products and services including natural language translation software and dictionaries.

Translation Software FAQ
Answers to commonly asked questions regarding translation software.

Automatically translate e-mails, documents and web pages in English, German, Spanish and French. Shareware and limited free version works in MS Outlook only.

Word Magic Software
English and Spanish translation software and language tools with dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker, verb conjugator and full document text translator.

Translation software for between English and German.

writeKa Language Tools
Transliteration and translation tools for Indian languages. Includes free on-line English-to-Malayalam and English-to-Hindi transliterators in graphics and Unicode.