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Sogang Korean Program
Offers introductory, novice and intermediate online courses. All lessons include Hangul text, romanizations, and sound files. Requires free registration.

Declan's Korean Language Page
Provides a short history of the language, as well as links to computer programs, online tutorials, e-mail lists, and discussion forums.

Yahoo! Groups discussion list for people wishing to learn and research Korean and facilitate English and Korean language exchange.

Web game for learning the Korean alphabet and basic vocabulary.

Infocobuild: Learning Korean
Provides a collection of on-line resources for learning such as language courses, alphabet, grammar lessons, vocabulary quizzes, and useful phrases.

Introduction to Korean
Introduction to Korean alphabet (Hangul) and grammar by J. David Eisenberg.

A Korean language study journey

Korean Forum
Includes translation, grammar, history, and culture forums.

Korean Language Online Exercises
Has beginning and intermediate lessons with sound.

Korean Travel Phrases
A brief list of useful words and phrases.

Language Profile: Korean
From the UCLA Language Materials Project.

Learn Korean
Provides a site for learning Korean online, includes tutorials and a student help forum.

Learn Korean @ Aeria Gloris
Interactive game that teaches the approximate sounds of Hangul letters.

Learn Korean Language
Provides free online lessons as well as forum for language learners.

Learn to Read, Write and Pronounce Korean
Introduces characters of the alphabet and teaches how to read written syllables.

Let's Learn Korean
Offers a detailed look at Korean grammar and phonics, along with situational vocabulary.

Mr. Oh's
Offers basic lessons for beginners, along with phrase guide.

Speak Korean
Designed to help people learn and speak the Korean language.

Task-Based Language Teaching
Set of task-based worksheets for teaching Korean as a foreign language. In PDF and JPEG formats.

Virtual Korean Keyboard
Onscreen keyboard emulator for typing Korean letters without a Korean operating system or keyboard.