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CREDE Research on Bilingual Education
UCSC Researchers find all students benefit from strong cognitive and academic instruction conducted in their first language

Cummins & Genzuk Report
An analysis of longitudinal study of structured English immersion and early exit and late-exit transitional bilingual education programs for language-minority children.

Educating Language-Minority Children
Diane August and Kenji Hakuta, Editors. A review of the current knowledge about the education of limited-English proficient students.

Improving Schooling for Language-Minority Children
Outlines the research needs in the area of instruction of limited-English proficient students.

Language Policy: Bilingualism and Intelligence
Handouts for a Language Policy college course. Somewhat cryptic, but a good introduction or review.

SEDL - Language and Diversity Program
The research activities of the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. Program models for the education of immigrant children and second-language learners.

Teaching Indigenous Languages
An online text which examines the social and linguistic implications of teaching indigenous languages in public schools.