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DC's Improbable Science
Investigations of dubious and dishonest science by David Colquhoun.

God Knows What
Reviews and discussions of research on religion and anthropology from a skeptical perspective.

How Do You Think?
An exploration of science, skepticism and erroneous thought processes including an ongoing discussion of the interplay between thoughts and happiness as well as the relationship between science and thought.

Massimo's Skeptic and Humanist Web
Addresses the topics of skepticism and secular humanism. Includes lectures, handouts, and an online column. Also has links to book reviews and essays.

NeuroLogica Blog
Skeptical weblog by academic clinical neurologist Steven Novella. Particular areas of interest include medicine and the brain.

Podblack Cat Blog
A skeptical woman's science, superstitions and life blog. Includes paranormal research, education tips and science literacy.

Steve Salerno writes on topics including the self-help movement, new-age philosophy, and politics.

A woman's skeptical science and life weblog.

Skeptic News
Tracks new information on various skeptical web pages.

Blog by several authors promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism.

Critical thinking for an irrational world.

The Sceptics' Book of Pooh-Pooh
Blog principally by Australian skeptic Rachael Dunlop. Topics include alternative medicine, psychics, and science in the media.

The Skeptic's Field Guide
A guide to identifying fallacies in arguments and thinking. Includes an e-book and podcast.