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Logically Critical
Podcast intended to encourage critical thinking in everyday situations using information about which people can reasonably agree.

Point of Inquiry
The Center for Inquiry’s radio show and podcast. Point of Inquiry explores CFI’s three research areas: pseudoscience and the paranormal, alternative medicine, and religion and secularism.

The official podcast of Skeptic magazine. Critical thinking and skeptical analysis of all types of topics, especially ones with scientific and/or supernatural aspects.

Skepticality Skeptic and Critical Thought News
Roughly monthly podcast of interviews with prominent skeptical thinkers.

Skeptics with a K
Podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. A group of skeptics talk about topics of interest.

The Skeptic Zone
Podcast from Australia for science and reason. Includes an episode archive and subscription information.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
Weekly science podcast produced by the New England Skeptical Society. Also provides blogs, forums, videos and resources.

Token Skeptic
A weekly female-run science podcast that looks at superstition, paranormal belief and the science behind them. Critical thinking and skeptical analysis with an episode archive and transcripts.