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Barnard Microsystems
Develops microwave and optotelectronic device and circuit design software.

Bentec Multiplexed Hyperaspheric Optical Surfaces
Provides free download optical software (aspheric/hyperaspheric), designs and manufactures aspheric polymer optics. Non-spherical wavefront transformation lenses are designed to specification.

Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Software and consulting services for the development and analysis of optical systems.

Computational Optics Group (COG)
Software for computational optics and computational electromagnetics. Offers MaX-1, a general Maxwell solver, MMP is a Multiple Multipole Program, GMT solves for electrodynamic fields. Includes evolutionary optimization, genetic algorithms and evolutionary strategies

Diffraction International
DURANGO interferometry software for data acquisition, analysis, evaluation and simulation. Support of many interferometer hardware.

Electron Optical Design
Software for the design of charged particle optics devices.

Engineering Calculations
Offers KDP-2, an optical design and analysis program. Also provides custom optical design and analysis consulting services.

FTG Software Associates
Software for optical thin film coating and spectrophotometer data acquisition

Fit ;o)
Mössbauer spectroscopy fitting and analysis program written in Borland Delphi. It has a graphical user interface that allows all actions to be carried out via mouse clicks or key shortcut operations.

Grating Solver Development Company
GSOLVER is a tool for analysis of gratings with arbitrary groove profile based on full vector diffraction. Antenna Solver is a rigorous antenna analysis program

Offers DOE-CAD, a software for design, masks generation and performance modeling of diffractive optical elements. The company also provides beam shapers and focusers, F-Theta lenses and lenslet arrays.

Virtual Nonlinear Optics Workbook. The software enables students and scientists to perform numerical experiments in nonlinear optics. A free demo is provided.

A software that uses inexpensive and widely-available test charts to measure device sharpness (MTF), perceptual sharpness (SQF) and many other parameters.

International Intellectual Group, Inc.
PC Grate is a software for calculations of diffraction efficiency of different types of relief gratings on PCs.

Laser cavity design and analysis code LASCAD, including FEA and DPSSL analysis.

LTI Optics, LLC
Provides software for photometric analysis and lighting design of non-imaging optical systems. Products are Photopia and Lumen Micro.

Lambda Research Corporation
Their products include the TracePro software for illumination analysis featuring tutorials on using a light pipe and the OSLO optical lens design software.

Laser Fourier Adaptive Method (LaserFOAM)
Simulates the propagation of ultrashort laser pulses in photonic crystal fibers using an adaptive split-step Fourier method (free, python).

A lens design software for Mac OS X that makes possible the simulation of ray propagation in different optical systems.

Light Tec
Distributor of software for optical design, illumination, straylight, integrated optics and color measurements.

LightTrans VirtualLab
Provides tools that allow straightforward analysis of systems, design of diffractive optical elements and beam shapers, analysis of gratings and laser resonator analysis.

MC Grating
Software for grating analysis and design based on Chandezon, True and Fourier methods.

MIE Software
Software for Mie scattering calculations.

MIT Photonic-Bands
Software for computing optical band structures (dispersion relations) in periodic dielectric structures and photonic crystals (free, C source).

Multilayer Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (MRCWA)
A fast, flexible optical grating solver. It calculates an exact solution using Maxwell's equations for the diffraction of light from an optical grating defined by the user through a set of intuitive python bindings.

NaturalGrafiX: ImageIron
A high precision software used for automatic capture and removal of lens aberrations (such as distortion and vignetting) of high-end digital cameras.

Optical design and analysis software. CAD software for light simulation. Products are SPEOS, SOLSTIS, OPTICALC and LIGHT.

3D coherent beam propagation and Gaussian beam propagation software along optical systems and laser cavities, including diffraction, gain saturation, thermal lensing and others physical effects. Products are SimCa and COMMOD.

Comprehensive optical design and thin film analysis software. Supports 3d surface tilts, aspheres, gratings, gradient index, spline deformation, optimization, diffraction analysis, coatings.

Optical Data Solutions, Inc.
Offers LensVIEW, a CD-ROM database of lens design examples found in the optical design literature, mainly from patents. Includes more than 30000 individual designs.

Optical Research Associates
Optical design and illumination software. Also pages educating about optics.

Optical Systems Design, Inc.
Information and download of SYNOPSYS lens design program (SYNthesis of OPtical SYStems) evaluation copy.

Different optical software packages. Lens designer, ray tracker and custom material creator.

Optics Lab
Optical raytracing software for optical design and analysis.

Photon Design
Provides a suite of photonics software including a mode solver, optical propagation tool, design and simulation tools.

Photon Engineering
Optical engineering and optics-related software development such as FRED (optical engineering software package).

Quick MTF
This software is designed for assessment and comparison of the major lens quality components. It measures resolution and chromatic aberration.

RSoft Design Group, Inc.
Photonics design automation software. Offers a range of photonic and network design automation products including a component design suite, the simulation of single mode and multimode optical communication systems and a network modeling package.

SCIOPT Enterprises
Software for Optical, Laser, and Integrated Optical system design. Products are PARAXIA, SIGRAPH-OPTIK, OPTEC.

Science Lab Software
Program helps use evaluate optical systems for performance standards. Page includes list of specifications, free demo and pricing information.

Scientific Computing International SCI
Software for optical thin film design, characterization and metrology systems. Current products include: Film Wizard, Film Spectrum and Film Ellipse.

Thin Film Optical Metrology Software (Ellipsometry, Reflectance, Transmittance) for research and development and production. The main product is TFCompanion, a software application for thin film analysis and metrology. Includes analytical tools for interpretation of measurement data. Available for all operating systems with JVM support (Windows, Apple, Unix).

Sinclair Optics, Inc.
OSLO optical design software. Free evaluation level OSLO LT available.

Sky Scientific Optical Design and Astronomy
Offers optical design software for engineering professionals, students and educators. Products for astronomy and astrophotography.

Software Spectra
Software for designing and manufacturing optical multi-layer thin film coatings. Its primary product is TFCalc.

Stellar Software.
Beam III, IV, optical raytracer for use by students and optical engineers. Windows and Mac versions available.

Optical design and analysis software VOB by METEC with optimization.

Vector optical diffraction solver for 2D and 3D patterned multilayer stacks and gratings based on the MMFE and the Rayleigh-Fourier Method.

Universitat de Barcelona
The Optical Characterization Group offers software tools for the optical characterisation of thin film materials and multilayer stacks based on spectrophotometric and ellipsometric measurements.

FRESNEL, software that simulates laser beam propagation through various optical schemes.

Software for laser resonator design and gaussian beam propagation (MS-Win, demo available).