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Australian Centre for Precision Optics
They fabricate a wide variety of custom precision optics for customers, including precision spheres, reference flats, lenses, Fabry Perot etalons and steppers. They also provide optical coatings and super polishing.

Provides lens design and consultancy services, and design work for wide varieties of optical systems.

Cal Optics
Offers equipment for LED and light measurement including radiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, power meters and power supplies.

Computer Optics Inc.
Leading manufacturer of precision optics and complete optical assembly. Specializing in optics for machine vision including zoom lenses and telecentric optics.

Eblana Photonics
Eblana Photonics is an Irish photonics component developer of new and proprietary optoelectronic technologies, addressing the demand for global communications network bandwidth.

Evans Optical Engineering
Space-flight instrument systems engineering consultant for design, operation and data analysis for x-ray, vacuum ultraviolet, visible, long wavelength infrared, and microwave optical instrument design.

Fiber Optic Products
Provider of Fiber Optic products and components.

Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.
Fiberoptic Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of fiberoptic light pipes and other fiberoptic custom assemblies for aerospace, military, medical, computer, and industrial applications.

Description and technical specifications of precision optical instruments and sensors. Online sales with direct shipping from manufacturers.

The centralised database contains data from optical glass catalogs of basic optical glass manufactures. Tools for analogs search and graphical analysis are available.

Holo 3
Applied optical and holographic measurements, services and specific equipment for deformation and stress measurement, vibrational analysis, particle analysis and flow visualization, products design, displacement measurement, development and testing.

Digital photometric and radiometric image analysis systems.

Imaging Planet
Provider of video and digital imaging solutions for science and industry in a highly organized web-based catalog designed expressly for dealers and VARs

Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
Research and development company developing cutting-edge technologies in optical sensing and instrumentation.

Knight Optical
Custom optical equipment store. Deals with lenses, mirrors, prisms and polarizers.

Lightglass Optics
Optical equipment including microscopes, spectrometers, cables and other accessories.
Offers a wide range of fiber-optic components and photonic test instruments.

Optical Optik
Designed and developed optical instruments like 3D head mounted displays, holographic data storage and security systems, optical sensors for mobile robots, 3D displays, and optical document security systems.

Optical Technologies
A blog about optical instruments and their applications, providing reviews of techniques and applications in the laser and optics field.

Optics Pro
Offers professional optical instruments such as binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, night vision devices and rifle scopes.

Photonik Singapore
Photonik Singapore customize optical, imaging components, crystals, substrates, fiber amplifiers, power meters, laser modules and photo masks.

Prisma Optics
Electro-optics systems engineering firm specializing in injection-molded polymer (plastic) optics design.

Radiant Zemax, LLC
European supplier and distributor of photonic products, software and services. Based in Duxford, Cambs, UK.

Space Optics Research Labs
The company produces a wide range of aspheric reflective components, systems and accessories that provide precise solutions to the problems of optical testing in airborne, space-based and astronomical applications.

Temto Technology Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers of optical products including lenses, windows, prisms, filters, mirrors, beamsplitters, waveplates, assemblies, coatings and optical materials.

Optical equipment