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Gives details of the activities at the Holographic Art Center.

Hologram Machinery
Supplier of hologram machines and products.

Holography Industry
Manufacture of high-quality protective holograms in the Republic of Belarus.

Hololight Consultancy
Gives technical details on holography and holographic applications such as holographic optical elements, holographic nondestructive testing, and display holography.

Offers holographic film, plates, lasers, holokits, and instructions to help with the construction of holograms and teach holography.

Offers a toolkit that can be used to make 3d laser holograms without any chemicals.

Ross Books
The holography marketplace for package design, graphic arts and security. It includes actual holograms, holography instructions and a buyer's guide database.

Russian Holography
Holography and its development in Russia. History, physics, links, collection of Russian pictorial holograms.

Wikipedia: Holography
Describes theory, practical requirement and various applications of holography. Holographic recording media and mass replication of holograms are described.