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Adelaide T-ray Group
University of Adelaide terahertz research in the areas of biosensing, security and short-path communications. Includes a description of their work, list of group and publications.

CIRCE: Coherent InfraRed CEnter at the ALS
A proposed small electron storage ring dedicated to the production of coherent THz radiation at the ALS, LBNL.

Mittleman Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University. Includes links to relevant press articles, a description of their work and list of publications.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
NJIT has been doing terahertz research on developing a synthetic aperture imaging method for interferometric imaging, and adapting the technique to stand-off detection of explosives.

Nonlinear Optics THz Research Group at the University of St Andrews
Research and exploitation of THz radiation sources based on parametric generation and innovative detector and instrumentation technologies.

Supplier of terahertz instrumentation for nondestructive applications; from lab use to online quality assurance. General information on terahertz and applications is available from the site.

Riken- Kawase Initiative Research
Advanced science institute for terahertz research in Japan. Research includes illicit drug imaging, semiconductor testing and water content of plants.

SURA Terahertz Applications Symposium
The website for annual Terahertz Applications Symposiums to bring together world's leaders in THz research, development, and product creation.

Tera-Hertz radiation in Biological Research, Investigation on Diagnostics and study of potential Genotoxic Effects.

A forum to actively foster involvement and rapid advancement in terahertz technolgies.

TeraView Ltd is the world’s first company solely devoted to the commercial exploitation of Terahertz light.

The Hattori Group, University of Tsukuba
Works with terahertz in the areas related to generation of high power THz waves, imaging, and spectroscopy.

Virtual Journal of THz Science & Technology Network
The Virtual Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology is a monthly journal that contains articles that have appeared in a variety of traditional journals and that are related to the science and applications of terahertz (THz) frequency phenomena and technologies.