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The TOMNET Optimization Platform provides a standardized environment for general operations research development for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Well-known optimization solvers, such as SNOPT and MINOS are fully integrated.

ABACUS - A Branch-And-CUt System
ABACUS is a software system which provides a framework for the implementation of branch-and-bound algorithms using linear programming relaxations that can be complemented with the dynamic generation of cutting planes or columns (branch-and-cut, branch-and-price,branch-and-cut-and-price).

Advanced modeling environment for building optimization-based decision support applications and advanced planning systems.

Modeling language and system for formulating, solving and analyzing large-scale optimization (mathematical programming) problems.

The COIN Branch and Cut solver is an open-source mixed-integer program (MIP) solver written in C++.

CPLEX- Large-Scale Programming Software for Optimization.
The CPLEX division of ILOG provides large-scale mathematical programming software and services for resource optimization.

Dash Optimization
Offers a software suite for modeling and optimization. Information about product components, overview of services, and a client area.

Decision Tree for Optimization Software
Guide to find software for optimization problems and related links.

Discrete Optimization Methods
Archive of Pascal procedures from the 1983 text "Discrete Optimization Algorithms with Pascal Programs" by Maciej M. Syslo, Narsingh Deo, and Janusz S. Kowalik.

Multidisciplinary design optimization software.

Eudoxus Systems
Using optimization to solve business problems. Includes lecture notes and case studies on the practical application of linear programming and optimization.

The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming problems.

GIPALS: Linear Programming Tool
Linear programming software for industrial size constrained optimization based on Interior-Point method.

GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
A package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and organized in the form of a callable library. GLPK supports the GNU MathProg language, which is a subset of the AMPL language.

Package for solving large-scale linear, convex quadratic and convex nonlinear programming problems. The code is an implementation of the infeasible primal-dual interior point method, and compares favorably with commercial LP, QP and NLP packages.

Modeling software that combines simulation and optimization together in one program, from the creator of Supply Chain Guru.

Linear Programming
Survey of modern software for linear programming (by R.Fourer, 2005).

Linear Programs Solvers
A free software package that solves linear programming models by the simplex and/or the push-and-pull methods.

Logical Mixed Integer Programming is a solver for generalized disjunctive programs.

Mixed INTeger Optimizer - is a software system that solves mixed-integer linear programs by a branch-and-bound algorithm with linear programming relaxations. It also provides automatic constraint classification, preprocessing, primal heuristics and constraint generation.

Large scale optimization software. Solves linear, quadratic, general convex and mixed integer optimization problems. Details of products, trial downloads, licensing information, and documentation.

Nonlinear programming software survey
By Stephen G. Nash, 1998

Online 2-Dimensional Optimization
An online computer program designed to calculate the optimal way of cutting 2d sheets.

Optimization Tools for MATLAB, LabVIEW and .NET (C# C++ and more)
For fast and robust large-scale optimization in Matlab, LabVIEW, AMPL and .NET with packages including CPLEX, Xpress, MINOS, SNOPT.

Free online tool to solve linear programming problems using the simplex method, the two-phase simplex method and the graphical method algorithm.

Pseudo-Boolean Benchmarks with Hidden Optimum Solutions
Benchmarks in opb format. Includes a description of how they were generated.

Pseudo-Boolean Optimization (PBO) Web-Project
Software, benchmarks, events, people, bibliography, quadratic optimization.

Solving Constraint Integer Programs. SCIP is implemented as C callable library and provides C++ wrapper classes for user plugins.

A little language to translate the mathematical model of a problem into a linear or (mixed-) integer mathematical program expressed in .lp or .mps file format which can be read and (hopefully) solved by a LP or MIP solver. Zimpl is a command line program written in plain C and released under GNU GPL.