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Algorithmic worlds
Algorithmic artworks by Samuel Monnier. Fine art prints available.

Andrew Que's Fractals
Created using original software. Contains image galleries, zoom animations, and program downloads.

Animals and Art
Mary Crook's galleries of Ultra Fractal generated images.

Antoine's Fractal Art
Gallery of work by the artist Antoine, presenting fractal characters and suggestive art

Art Cynique
Fractal flame images, rendered in Apophysis.

Balraj Mehmi's Gallery
Contains fractals produced with Fractint generator. Links.

Beautiful Andes
Fractal artwork by Mark Hammond

Chaotic N-space Network
A large collection of fractal images, an introduction to fractals and reviews of fractal software.

Cheshire Cat Fractals
Images done with Fractint, Fractal Elite, Ink-Blot, Tiera-Zon and Ultra Fractal.

Dave's Geometric Pix Gallery
Online fractal generation, kaleidoscopes, and theory.

Dave's Graphics Page
Raytraced and Fractint fractals by David J. Grossman.

Dawn's Fractals
Made using Mind Boggling Fractals, Sterlingware, TieraZon, Vchira, and Ktaza.

Don Archer's Digital Art
Traditional fractals, music, fractals combined with verse. Photo of Benoit Mandelbrot taken April 6, 2001.

Douglas Cootey's Artwork
Galleries for viewing, free screensaver for OSX Macintosh, prints for sale.

Dream Tree Studio
Galleries, free wallpapers, links to fractal programs.

Element90 Fractals
Daily fractals by Mark Eggleston. Home of Saturn & Titan and Neptune & Triton fractal software.

Elmfract Fractals
Fractals made with Eric Meijer's elmfract program.

Eric Bigas' Fractal Movies
Collection of short fractal animations in MPG format.

Essencescope - Digital Art
Online gallery with images generated by novel fractal methods and adapted to images. About 200 images.

Exploring Infinity
An inner and outer exploration of the infinite universe through fractals by abstract artist Iustina Aura Istrati.

Artists' galleries and links to their sites.

Fantastic Fractals
A gallery of the most beautiful fractals on the web.

Flying Frog Fractals
Gallery of fractal images created using Fractint and Winfract.

Fractal Adventures
Helps the beginner to create fractals. Program overview, gallery and related resources.

Fractal Art
Fractal art created mostly in Tierazon.

Fractal Design
A gallery of Julia sets, cellular automata, and strange attractors created with custom software and including descriptions of the algorithms involved

Fractal Dimentia
Numerous Ultra Fractal-generated images by Mark Townsend.

Fractal Domains
Galleries and download page for Fractal Domain and FracPPC generators.

Fractal Forums
Forum for sharing and discussing fractal art and related subjects.

Fractal Freak
'Pure' mandelbroit fractal art by Eric Bazan

Fractal Fred de Paiva
Gallery of images created using Stephen Ferguson's fractal generators.

Fractal art by David Makin. Available as prints in matte, gloss, giclée on canvas, Durst Lambda, or as custom prints or for use under license.

Fractal Panorama
Les St Clair's fractal images, Paint Shop Pro tubes and fractal Java applets.

Fractal Recursions
Jock Cooper's gallery of still images and animations.

Fractal Science Kit Image Gallery
Gallery with many examples of varied styles of fractals.

Fractal Store by Michal Dunaj
Contemporary Art Store and Gallery. Fine art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, art downloads.

Fractal art by O
Fractal art gallery containing nearly1200 images.

Fractalizer's Fractal Images
Galleries of images made in Ultra Fractal and S. Ferguson's programs.

Features the work of Pam Blackstone, and offers quality abstract art for sale, including fractal art, mandalas, and kaleidoscopic background patterns.

Fractals By Vicky
Offering a desktop wallpaper gallery, with designs by Vicky Brago-Mitchell.

Fractals at Nahee Enterprises Website
Hundreds of images from several fractal applications, tutorials on software use, downloads.

Fractals by Philip
Raytrace and traditional images by Philip Northover.

Fractalus Entrance
Megasite dedicated to fractals. Artist Damien Jones, other artists, contests.

Several image galleries, created using Flarium24. Text about application of fractals in science, and FAQs.

Fraktale Phantastik
Presents galleries of images created with Fractal Explorer. [English and German]

Minimalistic style fractal and computer art by "hawran".

Gumbycat's Cyberhome
Numerous fractal galleries, tutorials and links by Linda Allison.

Hidden Dimension Fractals
Ron Barnett's fractal images, music, ray-tracing, Ultra Fractal formulas and links.

High-Precision Deep Zoom
Deep zoom animations and morph animations of many different fractal types, with extensive technical information on the math involved in production.

Images by Tim Fadden, created using S. Ferguson's generators.

Sarah Scotland's Ultra Fractal, GrafZVizion and Sterlingware generated images.

Intuitive Spirit Fractals
Gallery of meditative fractals. Offers personal intuitive fractal readings and individual fractals created from your energy. By Cheryl Lee Harnish.

Jewel World
Visionary, symbolic paintings with commentary by the artist as to their relation to Jungian thought.

Jos Leys' Fractals
Numerous Ultra Fractal rendered images, some animated using Java.

Joseph Trotsky's Artis Gallery
Classic, geometric, organic, landscape, legend and painter inspired fractals.

KISS Technologies: Fractal Art Webshop
Renderings of various regions of the Mandelbrot set. The site offers downloads and prints on photographic paper.

Ken Keller's Galleries
Images, verse, wallpaper, and eCards. Prints for sale.

Lifesmith Classic Fractals
Company offering large image galleries and merchandise.

Linda Bucklin's Fractals
Galleries of Ultra Fractal, Frax Flames, and collage.

Makin' Magic Fractals
Galleries by David Makin, mostly created using Ultrafractal, also MMFrac.

Mandel Mandala: Fractal Art of Gene Taback
Site consists of galleries of fractals with slideshow zooms forming mandala-like images. In addition to the images there are short explanations of fractals, mandalas and the relationship between them.

Marty's Fractals
Marty Meshberg's images, which can be purchased as note cards.

Mennylinx Gallery
Images rendered in Fractint, Fractal Forge, Ultra Fractal, and Fractal Explorer 2.

Fractal computer graphics by Michael Michelitsch

Mieko's Fractal Gallery
Mandelbrot, Ultra Fractal and KPT5 image gallery.

Mojo's Galleries
Images created using Ultra Fractal, by Adam Lerer. Also includes a basic tutorial on how to create fractals.

Monnier, Samuel: The Paramathematical Gallery
Images, some geometrical, created with Ultra Fractal. Parm downloads and help.

Natural Fractals
Fractal Art Gallery, Fractal Animation Gallery, and Fractal Store by artist Adam Gile.

Nous' Fractals
Several galleries generated using Ultra Fractal, Tierazon, Grafzvizion, and Fractint.

Orbit Trap
Weblog featuring fractal artists, programmers, and writers.

Painted Fractals
The mandelbroit fractal art of Paul Sellards

Painting with a Mouse
Alex Bucovineanu's fractal images created using TieraZon and post-processed in PhotoShop.

Patrick Heusser's Fractals
Computer designed, using influences from the artist's paintings.

Paul DeCelle's Ultra Fractal Galleries
Numerous galleries and an animation. CD for sale.

Philippe de Courcy's Fractals
Numerous fractal images, various categories. Screensavers.

Rico Wack, Galerie de Fractales
Images created mainly with Fractal Explorer, raw and post-processed, 2D and 3D. FE spots for download.

Rooms with a View
Galleries of original fractal art, digital art, and illustrated poetry by artist/writer Terry Wright.

Sandra Reid Artist
An online art gallery of abstract fractal art by New Zealand artist, Sandra Reid.

Seattle Fractals
Galleries, prints, screensavers, tutorials, animation theatre, guest galleries.

Sekino's Fractal Gallery
Art from math professor Junpei Sekino, blended with discussion of formula types and colouring methods.
This was initially just a personal portfolio for Steven Selverston, but now it continues to expand with other unique content such as the Strange Attractor wallpaper art, which is freely available for non-commercial use

Sharon Webb's Fractals
Galleries, 3D Art, and music.

Soler's Fractal Site
Includes images made using TieraZon and other programs. Links, downloads, and articles on fractals.

Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Daily updated gallery of automatically created fractals. Fractal generating software.

Student Fractal Gallery
This gallery contains original fractals by seventh grade Harvard-Westlake students using free Snowflake Fractal software.

Studio Riverhu
Galleries, prints and gifts, desktop art. By S. Schmalzel.

Sylvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery
Created with Ultra Fractal and Fractint.

T.C. Design Gallery
Diverse images, some created using post-processing techniques.

The Art of Nathan Selikoff : Strange Attractors
Nathan Selikoff's strange attractors - mathematical images generated by custom C++ and OpenGL computer graphics software.

The Fractal Explorer's Gallery
An online gallery containing original fractal images, fractal desktop wallpaper, fractal theory, and fractal site links.

The Infinite Art of Kerry Mitchell and Janet Parke
Biographies of the artists, galleries of their work, and a calendar of shows.

The Vivalet Galleries
Gallery of work by Richard Graves. Prints available.

This Way To My Garden
Daphne Aston's gallery of mostly monochromatic images, created using Mind-Boggling Fractals generator.

Titia Van Beugen's Fractals
Galleries of images made with Fractal Explorer.

Ton's Galleries
Fractint, Ultra Fractal, Fractal Landscape generated artwork, and a Terragen gallery.

Ulli's Fractal Home
Galleries and theoretical explanation by the type of formula used.

Visions Of Chaos
Traditional, IFS, and L-system images and music created using Visions Of Chaos software.

Open community committed to fractal art. Includes software review and galleries. [French, English, Spanish]

Wolter Schraa's Galleries
Employs traditional, range, tessellation, and touching sphere techniques.