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Bigfoot ABCs
Organization undertaking research into these unique creatures and working to save their habitat.

Bigfoot Ballyhoo
Blog with news, sightings and musings of bigfoot by Linda Newton-Perry, who writes the newspaper column "A Matter of Time."

Bigfoot Chronicles
Contains sightings, links, and pictures.

Bigfoot Encounters
Includes news, sightings, stories, newspaper and magazine clippings, videos, and interviews.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Includes geographic database, theories, research projects, and tips on collecting evidence.

Bigfoot Lunch Club
News and a map with sightings noted.

Blog with evidence evaluation and a suggested equipment list for searches.

CSI: Bigfoot at 50
A skeptical review of the history of Bigfoot.

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Contains links, stories, news, pictures, and information.

Independent Sasquatch Research Team
Based in Florida. Includes a form to report sightings, photographs and audio evidence and reports of encounters.

Legend Reviews
Blog providing news about incidences and encounters.

Mad River Sasquatch Study
A study on the possibility of Bigfoot within the Miami Valley of Ohio. Offers information, news, and sightings.

Michigan Bigfoot Information Center
Information on the Study of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Michigan

New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center
Database of Bigfoot sightings in the Garden State, with articles and book reviews.

North American Bigfoot
Blog by bigfoot field researcher, Cliff Barackman, with bigfoot pictures, a cast database and bigfoot evidence for peer review. Report a bigfoot sighting with supporting evidence.

Oregon Bigfoot
Includes sightings, news, journals, a FAQ, links, and a sighting reporter.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Offers expedition and conference information, newsletter, forums, and links.

Sasquatch Information Society
Includes news, pictures, research, and interviews.

Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies
Team residing in Palmer, Colorado, USA. Team profiles along with field reports with supporting photographic evidence.

Sasquatch Tracker
Located in Alaska. Provides information on tracking procedures and equipment. Encounter submission form.

Sasquatch and Native Americans
Indian legends about the Sasquatch.
Offers an audio page, a hall of shame for hoaxers, case history archives and articles.

TexLa Cryptozoological Research Group
Group researching reports of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and other cryptids in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Texas Bigfoot
Offers sightings, audio and video, links, and information.

The Bigfoot Research Network
A system to search for, document, and analyze potential evidence.

The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group
Conducts research in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Includes videos, sound clips, photos, and research information.
Blog by Thom Powell, science teacher, author and former BFRO member.

Virginia Bigfoot Research
Includes sightings, maps, information, pictures, and links.

Wikipedia: Bigfoot
Article on this alleged ape-like creature purportedly inhabiting forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.